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Swedish Schengen

Sweden Schengen Visa Applications
For shorts stays of up to 90 days.

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Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

If you are wishing to submit an application for a Sweden Schengen visa you will be pleased to know that the Swedish embassies have reopened for business and are now processing Sweden visas. The processing of Sweden visas can take up to 12 weeks due to high demand during busy seasons.

We strongly advise applying as soon as possible to ensure that you are approved for a Sweden Schengen Visa in time for your trip. You will not be allowed on your flight without a valid visa document.

Schengen Visa Options

Please choose one of the options below when applying for your Sweden Schengen:

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Swedish Schengen C-Visas

A Schengen Visa is an official document for travel. It permits a person to travel to any Schengen area nation. For stays up to ninety days for tourism or business.

The Schengen region includes 26 European nations. The region primarily functions as a single authority for foreign travel, with a uniform visa policy. Before entering Europe, nationals of some countries that have not yet concluded a liberalisation agreement will be required to get this travel authorisation.

Sweden National D-Visas

If you want to remain in Sweden for longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit or national D-Visa rather than a Sweden Schengen visa.

Your visa must be valid for a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year, regardless of the duration of your intended stay. To extend your stay beyond the period of your visa, you must submit an application to a prefecture for a residence permit.

Throughout the duration of its validity, the long-stay visa is equivalent to a Schengen visa, enabling you to travel and stay in the Schengen region outside of Sweden for up to 90 days in any 180-day period, under the same conditions as if you had a Schengen visa.

If you are a citizen of a country that does not need a visa to enter the Schengen zone, you may travel visa-free and apply for your national visa/residence permit in the country where you desire to dwell permanently.

Swedish Schengen Purposes

Tourism is one of the most well-known motivations for entering the Schengen zone. However, you may mention a variety of reasons as your trip objective on your application, including:

Visiting Family or Friends - people who want to pay a visit to relatives or friends who are legitimately residing in the Schengen area.

Business - Many people travel to and from the Schengen countries on a regular basis for business purposes.

Medical grounds – For medical treatment in any of the Schengen member nations.

Students and learners  -who plan to attend any kind of educational institution for fewer than three months, such as university courses, language classes, and other course

Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews - a visa designed for those who live outside of the Schengen area who wish to visit Europe for a Cultural, Sports, or Religious Event,

Sweden Schengen Process

Your information will be checked and your application will be processed after you have finished the online form and submitted your data. First and foremost, any errors or unclear information will be explained or addressed to ensure that your application runs smoothly.

To file your application, you must make an appointment, but first we will verify availability and notify you. Youll need to compile a variety of documents to show you have enough money to maintain yourself, as well as proof of your lodging and flights into and out of the nation.

Entering Sweden

You should apply for your visa as soon as possible since interview wait times vary by location, season, and visa type. Examine the time it takes to get an appointment at the location where you’ll be applying.

A Schengen visa for Sweden allows a foreigner to travel to a Schengen port-of-entry (typically an airport) and seek authorization to enter the nation. We can ensure that Visa Applications go smoothly, however, entrance to the Schengen zone is not guaranteed by an approved visa.

Who Can Visit Sweden Without a Visa?

Sweden is a member of the European Union, and its people are allowed to travel anywhere in the EEA (EEA). The freedom of movement for citizens of the EEA is defined under the Citizens’ Rights Directive  All citizens of the EU and EFTA are not only exempt from requiring a visa to enter and reside in each other’s countries, but freedom of movement has been extended to Switzerland[3] as a result of bilateral agreements.

For detailed information on specific parts of the visa process, you can refer to the links to the right to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

Other Schengen Visas

A Visa is required for any third national wishing to enter Sweden or any other Schengen country. It could be a short-stay Schengen C-visa for stays of up to 90 days or a national D-visa / residence permit for longer stays in the country.

What To Do If Your Swedish Visa is Refused?

Refusal of a Swedish visa application can be irritating, and upsetting. It always appears unfair. Refusals of Swedish visas are actually common, and the Swedish embassy has no problem issuing them. After all, the Swedish embassy keeps the visa funds whether an application is accepted or rejected. Additionally, more applications and appeals benefit them more.

On a regular basis, people ask us how to “guarantee” that a visa will be granted. The Swedish embassy takes all final decisions, so there is no way to obtain a 100% assurance, is the succinct response. All you can do, though, is make sure your application is as solid as it can be. If you have had a Visa to Swedish refused please contact us.

People Also Asked

This depends on a number of things such as whether or not you have had a Schengen visa in the past or how many countries you intend to visit. Generally you first Schengen visa will be issued for the duration of your stay. Future Visa Applications may be granted for multiple entry for a number of years.

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