has been operating for many years, assisting applicants with the often complex visa application processes for entry into various countries across the globe including the USA, UK & EU / Schengen Area.

The uncertainty created for EU citizens living in the UK and for British citizens living across Europe due to Brexit as well as covid-19 is unprecedented and will have a knock-on effect on current and future visa applications.

Many of our corporate clients have genuine and well-founded concerns about how the eventual outcomes of Brexit will pan out for their businesses. Enterprises that rely upon seasonal workers are noting the drop in incoming migrants, whilst rising starting wages have also now been reported across the press due to the resulting employee shortage. Businesses that rely upon highly skilled individuals also have concerns about the attractiveness of the UK as a working destination, and their ability to continue to bring in the best.

We look forward to working with existing and new clients over the coming years.

How does the Visa Application service work?

As a specialist Visa Application support agency, we are able to improve applicants chances of a successful application by ensuring the correct procedures are followed during the application process. A breakdown of our services is as follows:

Review of submission details

Once your application is submitted to us, one of our experts will review your information to ensure that everything has been submitted correctly and there is no missing information. If we find any discrepencies during our review we will contact you via email to remedy this. Errors in your information can cause rejections so this is an important step in the process.

Documentation processing

Once your details have been verified, we will process the neccessary documentatsn for the visa type you have applied for. Your documentation will be completed electronically and delivered to you via secure download where you can review the details and alert us if there are any changes required.

Appointment booking guidance

Once you receive your processed documentation, you will also receive bespoke guidance on how to arrange an appointment (if neccessary) to lodge your visa application. During the review of your details we determine the relevant location where you are required to attend and provide the appropriate links and instructions to make the booking. We advise applicants to make the appointment booking on their own where possible, however we are able to book appointments on the applicants behalf in some cases.

Advice for your visa application

Once you have booked an appointment, the next step is to print the neccessary documentation that has been provided to you along with the supporting documents as per the checklist we will provide to you. If you require any advice prior to your appointment, our support staff are here to give the most up-to-date information to ensure you are ready to submit. If you would like us to check your supporting documents to ensure you have the correct documentation prepared, you can send digital copies to us for review.

All our service fees are valid for 12 months of unlimited documentation re-processing and support for your visa application. If your application is refused we can assist with the appeal process or help you re-submit the application.

Please note: our service fees are not inclusive of any visa fees. All visa fees must be paid directly to the relevant consular authority. This will be advised to you by your case worker.

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