Visa-Applications.org has been operating for many years assisting applicants with the often complex visa application processes for entry into the UK.

The uncertainty created for EU citizens living in the UK and for British citizens living across Europe due to Brexit is unprecedented and will have a knock-on effect to current and future visa applications.

Many of our corporate clients have genuine and well-founded concerns about how the eventual outcomes of Brexit will pan out for their businesses. Enterprises that rely upon seasonal workers are noting the drop in incoming migrants, whilst rising starting wages have also now been reported across the press due to the resulting employee shortage. Businesses that rely upon highly skilled individuals also have concerns about the attractiveness of the UK as a working destination, and their ability to continue to bring in the best.

We look forward to working with existing and new clients over the coming years.

How does the service work?

As a specialist visa support firm, we know it is important to try to help applicants if they require help with any area of the visa application process. We are able to work with you by providing advice and resources on an area you are unfamiliar with to get you the best possible outcome from your application.

We are able to provide assistance to businesses and individuals alike on a range of immigration matters, including:

  • Applying to visit the UK to visit friends / family or tourism
  • Applying to work or study in the UK
  • Deportation appeals
  • Naturalisation and registration for British Citizenship
  • Sponsor licensing for employers and colleges
  • Investing in or starting a UK business

Why Choose Us?

Our visa specialists are experts in dealing with immigration issues and are well known for providing fast, friendly, reliable and professional to all our clients. We make the immigration process as simple as possible by explaining procedures clearly and concisely, advising on the best option to take from beginning to end.

We will take into consideration your circumstances to help us establish the strengths and weaknesses of your application. With our help, we can ensure the application process is handled smoothly until a decision has been made. Once a decision has been made we will still work alongside you to provide additional advice to ensure you are fully settled in and aware of your rights in regards to your visa approval.

Visas for U.S.A.

As well as assisting applicants with visas into the UK, we currently work alongside qualified U.S. immigration attorneys who can assist with a multitude of visas into the USA for work, business or leisure.

Together, our comprehensive knowledge of immigration law, rules, policy and regulations makes us an ideal candidate to help you. We are driven to provide the highest possible level of service we can to give clients the best chance of being successful with their applications, appeals and other advice.

To speak to us about having a consultation with our attorney partners, complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visa-Applications.org is not affiliated with any government body. We work with SRA registered solicitors and partners who will help ensure your visa application is managed professionally.

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