Below are the official terms and conditions set out by the company trading as The company and the terms and conditions are governed by Laws of the United Kingdom.


1. Client – means a user who has submitted an application via our online form and paid the service fee;
2. Processing – refers to the active provision of the service which can include documentation & appointment management;
3. Service – means the product offered by as outlined in our delivery policy below;
4. Privacy Policy – means the terms which set out how we will deal with confidential and personal information received from you via the Website.

Applications will be processed by the company by the request and requirements of the client. The company cannot and will not be held responsible for any incorrect information provided by the client. All effort will be made by the company to obtain the correct travel document within the time frame specified. It should be made clear to the applicant that embassy times cannot be guaranteed, and after attending the embassy interview it can take up to 15 days for a result, and 30 days in rare cases. The company however shall not be responsible for any of the following circumstances arising at the embassy:

  • – Fully booked appointment schedules
  • – Incorrectly issued documents
  • – Document issue refusal
  • – Application refusal or any delay in the processing/issuing of the travel document.

Whether by omission or through error, should the company inadvertently have caused any of the above situations then the company’s responsibility and liability is strictly limited to a refund of all of the fees. The company shall not and will not be held liable for any consequential loss which includes but is not limited to any loss of income/profits or the loss of any airfares.

Cancellation Rights:

Submission of your application by phone or online; it is presumed that by doing so you agree to begin the application process with us. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are confirming your express consent for us to continue with your application with immediate effect. Refunds will not be given once work has commenced under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 as stated under Regulation 36(1)(a) and 37(1)(a), you waive your right to cancel if you agree that we can start providing the services within the cancellation period.

Please note that if we have commenced processing your application after you have read and agreed these terms and conditions and you then instruct your card provider to ‘clawback’ (return) your payment, we will pass the matter onto our legal team who will commence recovery action with immediate effect. This process can be costly as we will seek to recover our legal fees and court costs as well as the fee you have agreed to pay for our services.

Refund Policy:

We will be unable to issue a refund in the event that the government of your destination country chooses to rescind the approval of your travel authorization or there are no appointments available at the time of your submission. We strongly recommend and suggest that you confirm your travel authorisation status prior to reserving a flight or checking in to a flight to your destination country.

If your travel arrangements are disrupted for any reason (including travel restrictions due to the current global issue) will hold your application until you are ready to resume your travel plans. As a solicitor is assigned to your case immediately after your application is submitted, no refunds can be offered after this point due to the solicitors minimum hourly charge.

Cancellations once an application has been reviewed are subject to a minimum 25% processing fee. Once your submission has been reviewed you have received your documentation, no refunds can be given beyond this point. When refunding service fees, we include any monies that are paid directly to us for processing your application however this unfortunately does not include any fees charged to you by a third party such as card processing fees incurred during the processing of your payment.

We always process refunds in the original currency. Any exchange rate will be calculated and determined by your debit/credit card company and therefore we shall not and cannot take any responsibility for any fluctuation in refund amounts based on the changes in the exchange rate or fees charged by your card provider. Any refunds processed shall be credited to the original card used for purchase. The reason for this is to prevent theft, loss, fraud and for your security.

Refunds can take up to 30 days to process. Once your bank accepts your refund you should see the refund within 7-10 working days on your statement. Should you not see the reason for your refund request listed here or have any further question in regards to refunds please contact us.

We are a private company and as such not affiliated with any government entities and therefore we would like to stress that any decisions relating to the admission of a country are solely at the discretion of the relevant customs and border protection office. If for any reason your application is rejected you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.


This website is owned and operated by Visa Applications Ltd. Should you not agree to be bound by and comply with these terms, then please do not access or use this site.

Limits on Use:

Under no circumstances are you permitted to use this site or any of the services offered either on it or through it for any personal gain. You shall not sell or provide anything from or offered through this site to any third party or otherwise profit from any information or services (nor any analysis, adaptation or modification of them) on offer through or on this site.


On occasion, we reserve the right to:

  1. A) Temporarily limit and/or withdraw the site availability to any individual(s);
  2. B) Introduce new and/or additional security measures and/or alter existing security measure without any prior notice;
  3. C) Implement any other changes or do any other action that we deem necessary to preserve the integrity and security of the site and any of the information held within the database of the site.

Accuracy and Site Content:

Although we use reasonable care and skill compiling the information accessed through and on this site certain information may have been provided and or compiled through a third party that is not a member of our organisation/network. therefore shall not and cannot accept any liability and/or responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided by said third party. As with any internet based system, any omissions or errors contained within the information provided through or on this site may well be the result of a number of factors that we may not reasonably control. Examples may include information that may be affected by software, operator error, machine and malfunctions in data transmission. In light of this the information should be accepted as it is however you should always independently review and verify the accuracy of any information obtained from and through this site before relying on it. As a result of the site being dynamic the look and feel and content may without prior notice change from time to time.

Limited Licence and Ownership:

We grant site users a limited licence to download, to a personal computer any materials or print a hard copy however this must be exclusively for your own personal and/or non-commercial use and all trademark, other proprietary and copyright notices must be intact and visible.

You are strictly prohibited from re-transmission, translation and distribution or use of any other materials contained within this site and database to any other internet site or media.

You are also strictly prohibited from:

A) Mirroring this site on another service;
B) Mirroring this site on any other service;
C) Framing any part of or this site on any other site.

The limited licence granted to you is conditional of your agreement and following compliance with all of our terms of use.

In the event of any software being available to download from this site is either licensed to or owned by us and you may only use said software by adhering to the end user licence provided by that software or, in the event where there is no associated licence; You are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use such software when using this site and in accordance with our terms of use.

All other intellectual property, copyright and proprietary rights whatsoever relating in any fashion to this site (including but by no means limited to branding, software, services, content and any other available materials available through and on it) which are not permissible to you in accordance with these terms of use are hereby strictly reserved to or in the event of any other brands, logos and names featured within this site their original respective owners.

Your Consent:

It is assumed that by using our site you hereby give your consent to transferring and processing (Both outside and inside the EEA) the user data as deemed reasonably necessary for us to provide you fully the service required and enable you to access and use the site and to receive the support for your Visa Application. A detailed breakdown of how we manage user data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Passport and Travel Documents:

Prior to any travel, you are required to consult with the consulate or embassy for the correct information as requirements may change and it is your responsibility to check for up to date information prior to any departure. Regrettably, we cannot and shall not accept any liability should you be refused entry onto a flight or into any country due to failing yourself to carry the correct and valid passport. You should consult a doctor for the possibility of any required inoculations for travel as these can change at any time and it is your responsibility to check this prior to travelling. You should check the department of health leaflet “The Travellers Guide to Health” (T4) for any health requirements for your destination. You should accept it is your responsibility to follow any medical advice and obtain all relevant medication prior to travelling.

Uninterrupted availability of the website and or the offered service is not guaranteed by the company, neither is any statement or representation contained within the website will be error free.

Delivery Policy:

Our specific delivery policy is set out to for the purpose of explanation for you, the client, on how we go about providing the processing service offered to you on the website. is a private company acting as an immigration support organization and in no way affiliated with the government of any country.

Visa applications are not guaranteed, and payment does not guarantee approval. Fees cannot be refunded once processing is complete. Payment covers the cost of the service only. It does not cover any subsequent costs incurred in transit or by the embassy which is based on my circumstance or visa application type.

Standard Services Provided:

  • – Revision of Details For Errors Under The Governance of an SRA registered solicitor
  • – Application management including data entry and document delivery
  • – Appointment guidance for your jurisdiction*
  • – Customer support available during office hours via email only
  • – Any further advice, support & guidance where necessary

Express Service:

  • – All of the above
  • – Guaranteed response within 24 hours of submission

* Appointments are never guaranteed as part of the service, we can only assist with booking appointments that are available at the relevant consular office.

Government fees are not included in the service fee (besides ESTA visa waiver applications where the government fee is included).

We can only process the client’s application data and guide the applicant through the process. The client is wholly responsible for providing accurate and valid information. cannot and shall not be liable for any rejected application due to incorrect or invalid information submitted by the client.

The government of your destination country may put applications on hold for a multitude of reasons, in the event of this a customer service operative will make contact with the client to look for a possible solution. The same applies should an application be rejected.

The client also certifies that they are legally authorized and entitled to pay with the credit or debit card submitted by themselves. will charge one total fee to the credit or debit card submitted and cannot and shall not be held liable for any non-lawful use of the credit information provided and submitted by the client.

After our processing service has been completed (including holidays and weekends) we shall deliver the product to you via email only.

It is our express recommendation that you add our email address to your email address book to ensure that our email is received and not rejected for any reason. (

To read and view PDF files you can use Adobe reader which is free for you to download.

If you require any information relating to our delivery policy, we advise you to contact us via email and we will respond to your request within 2 working days.

Our processing service is deemed completed once sent via email. We would always recommend printing and taking a copy of your travel authorization with you when you travel as some airlines may require to see this at check-in.

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