Latvia Visa

Latvia Visa

Visa Applications for travel to Latvia.

For short stays of up to 90 days in Europe.

Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

If you are wishing to gain a visa to Latvia you will be pleased to know that the Latvian embassies have reopened for business and are now processing Latvian visas. The processing of Latvian visas can take up to 12 weeks. You can select ‘express processing’ from the drop down menu on the application for a quicker response.

We strongly advise to apply as soon as possible to ensure that you are approved for a Latvia Visa in time for your trip. You will not be allowed on your flight without a valid visa document.

Latvia Visa

Embassies are now back in operation allowing processing of visas to now resume as normal but please be aware that due to the backlog, visa approval is taking much longer than usual and can be anywhere up to 12 weeks depending on the embassy. However, you can select ‘express processing’ from drop down menu on the application.

It is advisable to take your time to complete correctly as misinformation can lead to problems later in the process. You can choose the following when you are applying;

Schengen Applications

A Schengen Visa is an official travel document. It allows a person to travel to any country in the Schengen Area. For stays of up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

The Schengen area consists of 26 European countries.  Each have officially abolished all passports at their mutual borders. The area mostly acts as a single jurisdiction for international travel with a common visa policy.

Nationals of other countries, which have not yet reached a liberalization agreement will need to obtain this travel authorization before arrival in Europe.

What is a Schengen Visa?

A Schengen Visa is a short-term European visa. This type of Visa enables the holder to travel freely throughout the Schengen area . The visa, itself is issued by one of the Schengen nations. That is to say, you can visit any of the Schengen countries for up to 90 days during a 180-day period.

The Schengen Visa is the most common visa in Europe. In order words, it entitles the holder to enter, travel freely within, and exit the Schengen area from any Schengen member country. There are no border controls within the Schengen zone.

Purposes of Latvia Visa

There are over ten distinct Schengen Visa Purposes to choose from when describing your purpose for travelling.

You will be asked to describe your “reason” for travelling while applying for a Schengen visa. This is the primary reason for your trip or why you require a visa.

Consider why youre travelling and choose the purpose that best describes your itinerary.

The documents you must submit in your Schengen visa application will be determined by the purpose you choose. For example, if you apply for a Medical Schengen Visa, you must include data regarding the procedure or treatment you plan to get, but Business Schengen Visa applications demand information about the type of business you plan to undertake.

A Schengen visa is required for the following ten types of trips:

  • Business: You should apply for a Business Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for professional reasons, such as conducting business.
  • Visiting Family or Friends: You should apply for a Visiting Family or Friends Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for social purposes, such as visiting family or friends.
  • Medical Reasons: You should apply for a Medical Reasons Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for medical treatment or escorting someone who is travelling for medical reasons.
  • Even if you are not exiting the terminal, you may need to obtain a Schengen Airport Transit Visa if you are travelling via a Schengen airport. If your itinerary includes an indirect flight to a place outside the Schengen area, pay special attention to the details of your trip.
  • You should apply for a Tourism Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for touristic purposes, such as touring.
  • Cultural: You should apply for a Cultural Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for cultural reasons, such as to attend cultural events.
  • Study: You should apply for a Study Schengen Visa if you are travelling primarily for educational purposes, such as to attend school or participate in educational or scholastic events or programmes.
  • Sports: A Sports Schengen Visa is required if you are travelling solely for the purpose of participating in sporting competitions, including as part of a team.
  • Official Visit: If you are travelling primarily for the purpose of an official visit, i.e. you are a member of an official delegation who has been invited to visit a Schengen state or states by a Schengen government entity or a Schengen deliberative body, you should apply for an Official Visit Schengen Visa.

Latvia Visa Validity

Validity depends on the type of visa:

  • Schengen Visa Type C is valid for 90-day stays.
  • Schengen Visa Type A is only valid for airport transits.
  • Type-D Visas: These visas are considered long-term because they can be valid for up to 90 days. Long-term stays, however, National visas, not Schengen visas, are Type-D visas.

Please keep in mind that all Schengen visa classes have the same validity period. A Medical Visa and a Business Visa, for example, are both “valid” for the same amount of time. As a result, you should choose the objective that best describes your trip motivation.

90/180 Rule

You may not stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days in a 180-day period if you have a short-stay Schengen visa; this principle is known as the 90/180 rule, and it applies to everyone who has a short-stay Schengen visa — without exception.

When you reach the Schengen zone, the clock begins to count down from 180 days and continues to do so even after your 90 days are gone (i.e. even after you have left the Schengen area after spending 90 days there).

In the case of single-entry Schengen visas, this regulation is straightforward. If you have a single-entry Schengen visa and enter the Schengen area on January 1st, 2020, you must leave by March 30th, 2020; a 90-day timeframe.

Other EU Visas

What documents do I need to apply for a Visa to Latvia?

The following documents are required to apply for a Latvia visa or to check the Latvia Schengen visa processing time.

  • Your passport will be required.
  • Your email address will be used to send you your Latvia visa.
  • Application fees must be paid using a valid payment method.

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