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Embassies have reopened and are currently processing Schengen double-entry visas for travellers who seek to enter the Schengen Area. Schengen visa processing might take up to 12 weeks, depending on the availability of appointments.

You should apply for a Double-entry Schengen Visa as soon as possible in order to get it in time for your trip. If you do not have a current visa paperwork, you will be denied boarding your aircraft.

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What is a double-entry Schengen visa?

A double entry visa works in the same way that a single entry visa does. The only difference between a single-entry and a double-entry visa is that the latter allows you to return to the Schengen area after you have already left it.

You must be extremely cautious not to exceed the number of days you are permitted to stay in the Schengen Zone, as well as the time frame in which you are permitted to spend these days in the EU. Dont confuse the “double-entry” designation with the number of countries youre allowed to visit and stay in within the time limit.

When you leave the Schengen Area for the second time with this visa, you lose your right to return, even if you have not spent all of the days you were allowed to be there. If you have previously earned a double-entry visa and are a frequent visitor to the Schengen area, you are more likely to be granted a multiple-entry visa.

Documents Required For Double-Entry Visas

The following is the standard set of documents you should bring with you:

Application form; printed & signed

Valid passport

Residence permit (if applicable)

Flight tickets

Proof of accomodation

Proof of sufficient finances

Travel medical insurance

Which countries is a Schengen double-entry visa valid for?

There are 26 Schengen members states in Europe. You can see the full list of countries in table further down this page.

How long does it take to process a double-entry Schengen visa?

You can expect an update on your application within 3 days of submission. You can choose express processing at checkout for a response within 24 hours.

Once you attend your appointment, your visa can take up to 15 working days to be processed by the Embassy.

What is the difference between single & double entry Schengen visas?

The only difference between a single-entry visa and a double-entry visa is that the latter allows you to return to Schengen region after leaving it.

You should take great care not to exceed the number of days you are authorised to remain in the Schengen Zone, as well as the timeframe in which you may spend these days in the EU. Again, do not confuse the “double-entry” designation with the number of countries you are authorised to visit and stay in within the allotted time frame.

With this visa, when you leave the Schengen Area for a second time, you lose the right to return, even if you have not used all of the days allotted for your stay. However, you are more likely to be granted a multiple-entry visa if you have earned a double-entry visa numerous times and are a regular visitor to the Schengen zone.

For detailed information on specific parts of the Schengen visa process, you can refer to the links to the right to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

Schengen Countries

A Visa is required for any third national wishing to enter any Schengen country. It could be a short-stay Schengen C-visa for stays of up to 90 days or a national D-visa / residence permit for longer stays in your destination country.

Double-Entry Schengen Visa Purposes

When applying for a Schengen visa, applicants are required to choose a purpose for visiting the Schengen area in addition to providing personal information. Their definitions are as follows:

Schengen is often visited for the sake of tourism. Include this information on your application if you want to visit any of these countries for the views, the culture, the architecture, the cuisine, or any combination of these things and more.

Visitors who want to visit family or friends who live inside the Schengen area may apply for this visa in order to do so. One of the specific requirements for this visa is a letter of invitation from the host of the event.

Travel required for work. One of the advantages of applying for such a visa is the possibility of obtaining a speedier appointment during the busy season for visa applications.

Please tick this box if you are travelling to a member state of the Schengen area for medical treatment. This visa enables individuals to obtain medical treatment for a period of up to three months during a period of one hundred and eighty days at any clinic or hospital.

Students who want to attend a university, language school, or other educational institution for a period of less than three months are eligible to apply for a study visa via the Schengen area. Mark this box if you are required to take an entrance exam at a school or institution located inside the Schengen Area.

Crews for the Arts, Sports, and the Film Industry Non-Schengen residents who want to go to Europe to attend a cultural, sporting, or religious event and film crews are required to get a visa in order to do so. The prospective candidate cannot just be a member of the audience but must also be participating in the event as a writer or performer.

Select “Other” on the application form if the reason you want to enter the Schengen Area is not one of those that are stated. You are still need to provide an explanation for why you want to apply. You will have no more than one primary phrase. Put “Religious Visit” or “Religious Purposes” if you plan to go to a member state for the purpose of attending a religious gathering.

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This depends on a number of things such as whether or not you have had a Schengen visa in the past or how many countries you intend to visit. Generally you first Schengen visa will be issued for the duration of your stay. Future applications may be granted for multiple entry for a number of years.

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