This article provides information on the documents required to obtain a Schengen visa and a list of the documents required for each visa category.

You must provide certain documents while applying for a Schengen visa. The Schengen States have compiled a list of required documents. This list covers each purpose of admission into this region and the requirements for a stay in each.

The following is the standard set of documents required to apply for a Schengen visa for short stays:

  • Visa Application documentation. Completed, printed & signed.
  • Round trip itinerary or reservation. It must include arrival and exit dates and flight numbers from the Schengen area.
  • Two recent photographs must be sent. Both images must be taken within the last three months.
  • A valid passport not more than ten years old and valid for at least three months after you leave the Schengen area. Older passports with visas are ineligible.
  • Travel Insurance, proving that you have travel health insurance for the entire Schengen area, with at least 30,000 euros for medical emergencies such as illness, injury, and repatriation in the event of death.
  • Evidence of accommodation, document indicating where you will be staying during your Schengen visit.
  • A hotel/hostel booking.
  • Rental agreement.
  • An invitation letter from the host at whose home you will be staying.
  • Evidence of financial means. Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself throughout your Schengen stay. This is one of the following options:
  • Bank account statement no more than three months old demonstrating that you have sufficient funds for the trip.
  • Sponsorship Letter – from a third party confirming that they will financially support your Schengen trip. The letter must be accompanied by a bank statement of the sponsor no older than three months for it to be accepted.
  • A combination of your bank statement and a sponsorship letter.
  • Proof of visa fee payment.
  • Travel itinerary and hotel booking confirmation.

In addition to those mentioned above commonly required documents, Schengen embassies worldwide will request further documents based on their job position and the type of Schengen visa for which they are applying.

Additional documents based on applicants status


  • Employment contract.
  • A current bank statement covering the previous six months.
  • Employer approval to take leave.
  • Form of Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Income Tax Deducted at Payroll Source.

Self-employed persons:

  • A copy of the license for your business.
  • Six-month bank statements for the company.
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) (ITR).


  • Evidence of enrollment.
  • Letter of no objection from the school or university.


  • Pension statement from the previous six months.

What documents are required for minors?

Parents or legal guardians of children applying for a Schengen visa must submit the following additional documents:

  • The birth certificate of the minor.
  • Application form with both parents’ signatures.
  • Family court order – in circumstances where only one parent has sole custody.
  • Certified copies of both parents’ IDs or passports.
  • Parental authorization is notarized and signed by parents or guardians if the youngster travels alone.

Depending on the Schengen visa category you seek, you may be required to submit some extra papers in addition to those listed above.

Detailed information on all additional documents required for any Schengen visa is provided below.

Airport transit visa document requirements

The following supplementary documents are necessary to obtain a Schengen Airport transit visa:

  • If required, a valid visa for the final destination country
  • The plane ticket to the destination country

Requirements for Visa applications to visit relatives or friends

The following supplementary documents are necessary to get a Schengen visa to visit family or friends:

  • Statement of Support: If you do not have a bank account or do not possess enough means to be taking care of your needs during this travel, you must ask the visiting friends or relatives to sign an “official affidavit of support” at the related office in their place of residence. When applying for a visa, carry the original document with you.
  • Travel Schedule. The applicant’s written explanation of their journey, the reason for their travel, the duration, and all of their personal information.
  • Means of Sustenance. If the applicant specifies that they will bear all travel expenditures, proof of financial status is required; otherwise, someone must submit a formal document issued by the competent authorities to a resident of a Schengen nation (in this example, the friend/relative).
  • Invitational letter by a relative or acquaintance who resides in a Schengen nation. If the applicant is paying for their expenditures, the names, addresses, and copies of their passports will suffice. If the friend or family member is not a citizen of this Schengen country, a copy of their residency permit will also be required.

Required documents when applying for a medical Visa

The following supplementary documents are necessary to get a Schengen Medical visa:

  • A letter from a doctor, clinic, or hospital in the visa applicant’s home country stating that he or she requires medical treatment.
  • Confirmation of treatment/appointment from the receiving medical institution (hospital/clinic) in the EU.
  • Documentation (bank Statement) demonstrating the applicant’s ability to pay for medical fees and any relevant costs throughout their treatment.
  • Sponsorship letter and bank statements of the sponsor.
  • Proof of payment in advance for the therapy and a bank statement for all other relevant expenses.
  • Proof from the Ministry of Health of the applicant’s home country declaring that the relevant Health Service of the applicant’s home country is prepared to pay for the applicant’s medical treatment costs.
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