When applying for a Schengen visa, you must pay a fee to support its processing costs.

The associated costs are listed below.

  • The charge for a basic Schengen Visa increased from €60 to €80 ($90) in January 2020 so that Schengen Area member states can better fund the expense of application processing. These fees are reviewed every three years.

In January 2020, the cost of a Schengen visa for minors aged 6 to 12 increased from €35 to €40 ($45).

  • Children under the age of six can register for free.
  • It is also important to note that you may be exempt from paying costs if you are under 24 and taking part in a sporting, cultural event, conference, or trip organized by a non-profit organization.

If your visa application is rejected, you will not receive a return of any fees already paid under any circumstances.

Are the fees the same throughout all Schengen states?

The price of a Schengen visa for short stays is uniform across all countries, so you will pay the same amount whether you are traveling to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, or any of the other 22 Schengen States. Work and student visa prices for Schengen countries might vary, as can expenses for other papers such as resident permits. For instance, the price of a French Student Visa ranges between €55 and €99.

How much does the Schengen visa with multiple entries cost?

The charge for a multiple-entry visa is the same as that for a standard short-stay visa (€80 or $90), even though it permits numerous travels of less than 90 days during the duration of the visa’s validity (usually one, three, or five years).

Are there any other fees?

If you engage the services of an external service provider, such as a visa agency or visa center, you will be charged additional fees. These fees are separate to the visa fees which you must pay to the Embassy. The Visa-Applications.org service fee is €99.

To acquire a visa, you will also need travel and medical insurance approved by all Schengen Countries covering emergency expenses up to €30,000.

You may pay additional fees if you are required to submit documentation of a flight reservation or itinerary during your visa application interview. Most airlines and travel agents will hold a reservation for free or a small fee, allowing you to present your papers without the risk of losing money if your visa application is denied.

Are there any situations where I would not be required to pay the Schengen Visa fee?

Persons under 24 attending cultural, educational, or sports events in Schengen countries can apply for the Visa Costs to be waived. They may also be waived for pupils, students, and accompanying teachers on a school trip, as well as for researchers traveling to do scientific study – especially those supported by the European Union or Schengen Member States. Diplomatic, official, and service passport holders traveling for official purposes are exempt from paying the Schengen Visa charge.

Children under six are also permitted to enter the Schengen Area visa-free.

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