An interview for a Schengen visa is not limited to submitting supporting documents for a visa application to a visa officer of a particular nation. In actuality, a visa interview is intended to facilitate a more in-depth conversation between the applicant and the diplomatic office’s official. In this instance, the embassy or consulate of a Schengen country strives to determine whether or not the applicant deserves a Schengen visa by posing precise and specific questions.

During such an interview, the applicant is not questioned exclusively on the information supplied in the visa application form and its supporting documents. There are further specific questions, sometimes even extraordinarily intimate, that the candidate is asked by the diplomatic official.

In addition to the responses to such questions, the diplomatic official wishes to gather more general information about the candidate’s situation, particularly about its answerability, candor, and correctness. The diplomatic office will not issue a visa to a person who lacks these traits. This is because the office wants to ensure that the visa holder will return home within the allotted time and will not engage in unlawful activity within the Schengen Area.

When applying for a Schengen visa, the interview is only an opportunity for the diplomatic office to meet with you and determine if the information on the visa application form is accurate and truthful.

Avoiding Common Errors during a Schengen Visa Interview

Have you ever questioned the significance of the visa interview in obtaining a Schengen visa?

Behind each rejected Schengen visa is a genuine reason. You should be aware that there are certain behaviors you should avoid during a visa interview. In a Schengen visa interview, not everyone recognizes the value of meeting with diplomatic officials in person. The majority of visa applicants invest time and effort in gathering their application documentation. Thus, they frequently fail to give the visa interview the necessary weight.

Leaving a positive impression and presenting yourself appropriately during the scheduled Schengen visa interview is essential! (However, DO NOT overlook the significance of the visa application documents!)

The officials of the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen countries where you are applying for a visa will want you to exhibit particular interview qualities and performances that set you apart from unsuccessful candidates.


When you schedule your visa interview, the Embassy or consulate will provide you with the precise date and time. One of the negative impressions the Embassy forms about you is that you are an incompetent and careless applicant due to your tardiness. Instead, aim to appear at the Embassy or consulate at least a few minutes before your scheduled interview. This will help you remain calm and relaxed while responding to the interview questions.

In addition, because obtaining a parking spot might be time-consuming, we recommend that you take a taxi instead of driving your car. Also, ensure that you leave the house early, considering the travel/traffic scenario.

Inappropriate Responses

Insufficient preparation for the interview is another factor that may cause immigration officials to dismiss your application. If you cannot anticipate the Schengen visa interview questions, you will be unable to provide real and well-considered responses to immigration officials.

Because of this, it is imperative that you be aware of the frequent Schengen visa interview questions and that you organize your responses in advance, far in advance of the visa interview date. You can also write down your answers if doing so would help you recall them during the interview, but do not bring them with you and avoid sounding scripted when responding.

It is also crucial that when a visa officer asks you a question, you do not take too long to respond, as this could be interpreted as a lack of honesty.

Inappropriate Appearance

Your interview appearance includes your clothes, shoes, makeup, demeanour, body posture, and even the amount of perfume you wear. Remember that the first impression is everything and that you rarely have a second chance to make one, so give it the attention it deserves.

Dressing carelessly or informally, with ostentatious accessories or a tie, is deemed to be an unwelcome feature of an interview. The best approach is to demonstrate respect for the interview by wearing formal clothing and shoes with few accessories. Additionally, minimal makeup and a faint perfume scent are helpful in establishing a favorable impression of a serious visa applicant.

During the question-and-answer portion of the Schengen visa interview, your body language and mimics are also crucial. Visa officials may view you as a worthless and dishonest candidate if your face displays anxiety and hesitation and if your body is not seated properly. If you lean back, you may be viewed as arrogant; if you lean forward, as aggressive; if you lean back too far, as sleepy; and if your arms are crossed, you are attempting to oppose and defend yourself against the questioning.

Try maintaining a neutral body position by sitting tall and keeping your arms open to demonstrate that you are open and prepared for a fair interview.

During the interview, avoiding eye contact with the embassy officer is likewise of little assistance. This is also one of the reasons why you are not a suitable candidate for a visa since it is typically interpreted as a lack of seriousness.

Maintain normal eye contact when listening to and answering questions.

Skipping Questions or Providing Incorrect Responses

When you apply for a Schengen visa, the interview is only an opportunity for the diplomatic office to meet with you and determine whether or not the information supplied on the visa application form is accurate and factual. Attempting to avoid answering the visa officer’s questions provides no protection whatsoever. Also, providing false information will not result in a positive outcome, as the diplomatic office will verify all information provided during the interview and on the application form.

Rather than evading or fabricating the answer, you must be straightforward and honest with the visa authority. Keep in mind that the diplomatic office has the authority to review your Schengen Area travel history.

Insufficient Supporting Materials

The diplomatic office has invited you for a visa interview in order to confirm that you have provided honest and accurate information on your visa application.

Your prospects of obtaining a Schengen Visa will be significantly diminished if you fail to appear for the interview or offer insufficient evidence to support the accuracy of the information supplied on the visa application.

Instead, be sure to consider all visa requirements in advance. Determine in advance which documents the diplomatic office would accept, such as proof of your schooling, marital status, hotel reservation, flight ticket reservation, and language skills. Prepare these documents in a single location (folder) at least one day before the interview, and review the checklist of prerequisites to ensure you haven’t overlooked any.

Take the folder containing the arranged documents along with any necessary copies. Demonstrate to the visa officer that you understand the Schengen visa criteria and are familiar with all the documents in the folder by presenting them in order and as quickly as he/she requests.


Even if your visa application, supporting paperwork, and physical appearance are in order, a negative attitude, anxiousness, or overconfidence could ruin your interview.

Speaking too much about your accomplishments, shaky speech, pointing at yourself or the official with a finger, unstable eye contact, and other unpleasant gestures can prompt the official to abruptly interrupt the interview if you are anxious.

Unimportant Information

If you have been asked a question, ensure you fully comprehend it. Exaggerated responses are not acceptable reasons. The visa official is not interested in spending an entire day listening to your life story. The official seeks only definite and unambiguous information.

To maintain the interview’s natural flow, keep your responses brief, concise, and easily comprehensible. Remember that the interview should be natural, and there should be no need for any uncomfortable moments.

Do not disagree with Visa Official

Disputes with the visa officer during the interview session are another possible cause of a failed visa interview. Your elevated tone of voice and disrespectful demeanour towards the visa official demonstrate that you are a destructive individual who lacks respect for the authority of the diplomatic office’s agent.

If you disagree with what the official is saying, clarify any concerns with a calm tone of voice.

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