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Visa to Austria

Visa Applications For Travel to Austria.
For short stays of up to 90 days.

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Third-country nationals who wish to travel to Austria for short stays of up to 90 days for the likes of vacations, business trips, family visits, short-term study and medical treatment can apply for an Austria Visa. Since Austria is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, the country’s visa policy is the same as that of the other countries that make up the Schengen member states. A visa to Austria is more commonly referred to as a Schengen visa.

Austrian embassies around the world recieve on average a total of 300,000 visa applications per year. We highly recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that it will be accepted in time for your trip to Austria. You will be denied boarding on your aircraft if you do not have valid visa paperwork.

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What is a Schengen Visa?

In 1995, the Schengen agreement was created between Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. After 1995, numerous additional European nations joined the agreement, establishing the Schengen region. With a Schengen visa granted by one of these nations, you may remain up to 90 days within 180 days in the Schengen region and transit through international airports without a visa. Schengen area members include Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. It would be best if you got a Schengen visa to travel freely to these countries.

Even though Austria has been a member of the Schengen region since 1997 and is subject to its rules, there are minor differences in local laws and procedures from other nations.

Documents Required For An Austrian Schengen Visa

The following is a standard set of documents required for submitting a Schengen visa application for travel to Austria. Upon submission of your application, you will be provided a more bespoke checklist for your particular case:

Passport with at least 2 blank pages and a minimum validity of 90 days.

Visa Application Form. Printed & Signed.

Confirmation of round-trip flight tickets.

Evidence of accomodation in the form of an invitation letter or hotel reservation.

Recent bank statements to demonstrate sufficient funds for travel.

Proof of travel health insurance that covers a minimum of €30,000 for the full duration of the trip.

Austria Short-Stay Visa Categories

You may be eligible for one of the following visa categories depending on the reason for your 90-day or shorter stay in Austria during 180 days.

Austria Transit Visa at Airport

Certain nations demand airport transit visas for their residents who must change planes in a foreign country; the need for the visa is established by the country where the airport is situated. Austria adheres to the Schengen area requirements regarding nationalities requiring an airport transit visa. Syria is the only extra nation Austria requires its residents to get an airport transit visa.

Austria Business Visa

An Austria business visa is a short-term visa that is required for individuals or groups from a third country (neither citizens of the European Economic Area nor Switzerland) who are attending designated meetings, unpaid training, or business-related events that do not involve labor or compensation. Business visas to Austria require more documentation than other category C visas, including but not limited to evidence of trip finance, employment certification, and an invitation letter from an Austrian employer.

Austria Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is provided to foreign travelers who want to visit Austria for tourism purposes. Austrian tourist visas are available via consulates, approved visa businesses, and authorized travel agents.

Austria Family Visitor Visa

If you want to go to Austria to visit a relative or friend resident in the nation, you must get an Austria visiting visa. To get one, you must have an invitation letter from the person you are visiting.

Austria Cultural Visa

A Schengen cultural visa allows people or groups to visit a Schengen nation for various reasons, including participation in cultural events, sports, or filmmaking. To get a Schengen cultural visa, it is necessary to submit a letter from both the sending and receiving organizations stating the purpose of the visit.

Austria Medical Treatment Visa

A Schengen medical treatment visa is provided to those who want to obtain medical care in a Schengen nation. A Schengen medical treatment visa requires several extra papers, including but not limited to evidence of proof of lodging, payment to the medical institution, and a letter of acceptance from the receiving medical institution.

Austria Long-Stay Visa Categories

Not to be confused with permanent residency permits, category D visas for Austria are awarded for visits longer than three months.

Austria Student Visa

Students from third countries who want to enroll at an Austrian higher education institution for longer than three months must get an Austrian student visa. The proof of enrolment, the most recent transcript, and a certificate of no objection from the receiving institution are the supplementary papers necessary when applying for a category D student visa. German proficiency is also required for university degree programs in Austria.

Austria Employment Visa

Employment visas are provided to persons from third countries who want to work and make a living in Austria. In Austria, there are three long-term work permits: the Beschaftigungsbewilligung for one year, the Arbeitserlaubnis for two years, and the Befreiungsschein for total employment. To acquire an unrestricted Austria employment visa, a minimum of one year of working is required in Austria.

Austria Job Seeker Visa

The bearer of an Austria job seeker visa is permitted to remain in Austria for six months to hunt for work, and if he or she finds employment during that time, you to apply for an employment permit. A job seeker visa is typically issued to Austrian university graduates or very competent professionals, such as senior managers or scientists.

Visa for Austria Family Reunion

A family reunion or reunification visa is provided to foreign people with spouses, unmarried minor children, or registered parents who are Austrian citizens. Austria family reunion visa needs German language proficiency at the beginning level.

Visa for Austria Researchers

Individuals who can produce a hosting arrangement with a qualified research institution are eligible for an Austria researcher visa to research in Austria for more than three months.

Austria Internship Student Visa

For third-country nationals, an internship lasting more than three months is considered gainful work and needs a student internship visa. The applicant has to provide proof of adequate means of sustenance, accommodation, and reason for the stay.

Austria Visa Application Process

To successfully secure a Schengen visa for Austria, it is crucial to be well-prepared and to collect all the required information on your nationality and reason for travel in advance.

It is essential to apply for your visa sooner rather than later. As a general rule in the Schengen region, visa applications should be submitted no later than 15 working days before the anticipated date of arrival in a member nation. Appointments can be booked for months in advance and cannot be expedited.

Once you have completed our online enquiry form and submitted your details, your information will be reviewed and your application will enter processing. We will advise you on any mistakes or un-clear information and these will be clarified or corrected to ensure there are no issues during your application.

An appointment must be scheduled to lodge your application, but first we will check the availability and advise accordingly. You must gather a selection of required documentation to prove you have sufficient financial means to support yourself, as well as evidence of your accommodation and flights to and from Austria.

For detailed information on specific parts of the Austria visa process, you can refer to the links below to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

Processing Time For A Visa To Austria

You can expect an update on your application within 3 days of submission to You can choose express processing for a response within 24 hours if you have time constraints. Appointments can not be guaranteed as part of the express service as these are subject to availability at the relevant Austrian Embassy in your locality. During the busy season (March – September), appointments can be fully booked for months in advance.

Once you attend your appointment, your visa can take up to 15 working days to be processed by the Embassy and a further 2-3 working days if you opt for courier return of your documents. Expedited processing is not usually available with any Embassy so we recommend that applications are submitted at least 3 months in advance of your intended travel date.


People Also Asked...

There are 27 Schengen members states in Europe. When granted an Austria Schengen Visa, it will usually be valid for all Schengen member states which you can find further up this page.

A travel document or passport with a minimum validity of three months. Copies of all previously issued Schengen Visas (if applicable) Schengen Travel Insurance covering medical situations for at least €30,000. Cover letter detailing your visit’s purpose and agenda.

Visa D, a national visa, is subject to national legislation and allows the holder to remain in Austria for 91 days to six months. They are available for a single or numerous submissions.

Schengen application decisions can be appealed if you feel there has been a mistake during the decision. In most cases, applications are rejected due to missing supporting documents and you can simply re-apply as soon as you have the missing documentation.

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