America Holiday Visa

America Holiday Visa

America Holiday Visa Applications
For short stays of up to 90 days in America for tourism / vacation.

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Holiday Visa for the United States of America.

Important Travel Information – Please Read

If you are looking for for a short term visit (E-Visa, ESTA, Visa Waiver) to America then you can start on this site by clicking ‘Start Application‘ and choose ‘ESTA: Visitor Visa Waiver’. 

If you are looking for a longer term visa please select the relevant option on the form or call us for advice. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization may be referred to as the following by the Airline you are traveling with:

If this is on your travel documentation then click ‘Start Application‘ to start the process.

What are the Application Requirements for a holiday visa USA?

If you want to apply for an America Holiday Visa, in most cases you should apply for an ESTA Visa Waiver.

The requirements to apply for an ESTA are as follows:

  • Must have obeyed the terms of all previous US entries and not been found ineligible for a visa in the US.
  • Must never have been convicted or arrested for a crime or offence involving moral turpitude. Must not be barred from entering the United States for any reason other than health or national security.
  • You must be planning a vacation, business travel, or transit trip to the United States.

What is the process for obtaining an American Holiday Visa?

There are no in-person requirements for submitting information for a holiday visa USA application. Your information will be checked for mistakes and processed through the Department of Homeland Security system once you submit it.

The travel authorization is electronically connected to the passport used on the application, and the results are normally available within 24 hours of submission. The authorisation is valid for two years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first.

USA Visa Types

What is an American Holiday Visa?

A holiday visa to USA, known as an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) allows you to visit the United States for any length of time shorter than 90 days without requiring a complete visa. This programme is commonly referred to as the ESTA visa waiver programme.

If you are visiting the United States for fewer than 90 days for vacation, business, or transit, you must apply for a Holiday Visa USA. If you arrive in the United States without a valid holiday visa (ESTA), you will be turned away at the point of entry. To avoid issues with your travel, make sure all of the information on your application is correct.

If the holiday visa (ESTA) is not an option for you. Instead, you can apply for a B1/B2 visa and go through the entire application procedure.

Will I need an America Holiday Visa?

Nationals of designated visa waiver nations are eligible to apply for an ESTA holiday visa USA under this programme.
If any of the following apply to you, youll need one

Youre visiting the United States as a British citizen or a citizen of another visa-exempt nation. Your trip will be no longer than 90 days long and will be either for business or pleasure. Youre driving from Mexico or Canada into the United States.

For Business Travel, Using a America Holiday Visa:

The ESTA Visa Waiver Program enables nationals of participating nations to visit the United States without a visa for short business trips. For business travel to the United States, ESTA permission is required. A foreign citizen travelling to the United States for temporary business requires a visiting visa (b1) unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.

Some examples of business travel are as follows:

  • Attending business meetings or conversations
  • Negotiating a contract during a business convention or conference

Will I get admission to the United States of America?

An America Holiday Visa allows a foreign national to go to a US port of entry (typically an airport) and ask for authorization to enter the country. We can make sure your holiday visa USA application proceeds easily, but an authorised holiday visa USA does not guarantee entry to the United States.

Authorities from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have the authority to permit or deny entry to the United States at the port of entry. If you are allowed to enter the United States, the CBP officer will offer you an entry sticker or a paper Form I-94, also known as an Arrival/Departure Record.

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