Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program

USA Visa Waiver Application
For Short Visits of up to 90 days.

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Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

A Visa Waiver permits you to enter the United States for up to 90 days on a vacation or business trip without needing a full visa. The ESTA visa waiver program is the most frequent name for this initiative.

To prevent any issues, please submit your application before your trip. You can expect a response within 24 hours of the submission.

Instead of applying for a Visa Waiver, choose a B1/B2 visa and complete the standard visa process if you are not qualified.

Requirements for Applying for a Visa Waiver

To travel to the United States under the VWP, you must be a citizen or national of one of the following countries.

Andorra Australia Austria
Belgium Brunei Chile
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Japan Latvia

Visa Waiver Countries

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows citizens of 40 countries to visit the United States.

Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Monaco Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland
Portugal San Marino Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland
United Kingdom Taiwan

What Is The Visa Waiver Program?

The Visa Waiver Program can be for business or tourist reasons. These trips can be up to 90 days without requiring a visa. In exchange, the 40 countries must allow U.S. citizens and nationals to visit them for a similar period without requiring a visa. Either for business or tourism. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in collaboration with the State Department, governs the whole process.

Most nationals from countries taking part can travel to the United States. Tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less. However, travelers must have a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) permission. Before traveling, You can still apply for a B1 B2 visa if you prefer to have a visa in your passport.

Your Visa Waiver will usually be valid for two years. Unless you

  • Get a new passport, including an emergency or temporary passport;
  • Change your name;
  • Changed your gender;
  • Change your country of citizenship; or
  • Need to change your answers to any of the “yes” or “no” questions on the application, then youll need to submit a new Visa Waiver application.

Visa Waiver Eligibility

On or after March 1, 2011, nationals of VWP nations who travelled to or were present in Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, or Yemen (with limited exceptions for travel for diplomatic or military purposes in the service of a VWP country).

VWP nationals who are also citizens of Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria.


You must also have an e-passport to use the VWP as of April 1, 2016. An e-Passport is a more secure passport with an electronic chip placed in it. A unique international symbol on the cover of an e-Passport makes it easy to recognise.

Visa Waiver Application Process

The application is completed entirely online on a secure form. You must enter your personal details including your birth details, home address, passport information and point of contact in the USA.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed for mistakes prior to processing to ensure a successful submission.

Applications are processed via the Department of Homeland Security and usually receive a determination within 24 hours of submission.

Once granted, the travel authorization is electronically linked to your passport and permits travel to the USA for short stays of up to 90 days, valid for 2 years.

Refusal of a Visa Waiver

Once refused for an ESTA visa waiver, it is not possible to appeal or re-apply on your current passport. You will be denied on any future applications automatically.

In this case, as you would be no longer eligible to apply for a visa waiver, then you must apply for a full non-immigrant visa such as the B1/B2 visitor visa. This require an in-person appointment at the U.S. Embassy.

The process for a non-immigrant visa application can take much longer, including appointment waiting times of up to 6 months. Once you have attended an appointment and submitted your application you can expect a result within 7-10 working days from the Embassy.

Other USA Visa Types

Updating / Renewing Your Visa Waiver

Your ESTA will usually be good for two years. If you

  1. Get a new passport, including an emergency or temporary passport;
  2. Have a new name;
  3. Change your gender;
  4. Changed your country of citizenship; or
  5. need to change your answers to any of the “yes” or “no” questions on the ESTA application, you’ll need to get a new ESTA.

You cannot renew visa Waiver. You must submit a new application once your previous application expires.

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