E-3 Visa, Australian Professionals

E-3 Visa, Australian Professionals

Visa For Australian Citizens Travelling To The USA To Work In a Specialty Occupation.

Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

Only Australian citizens, their spouses, and children under the age of 21 are eligible for an E-3 visa. E-3 primary candidates must be coming to the United States only to work in a specialised field. It is not necessary for the husband and children to be Australian citizens. If you want to bring your spouse, partner, or children under the age of 21 with you for the length of your stay, they may be eligible for derivative visas.

E-3 Visa Eligibility

E-3 Visa Eligibility

To qualify for an E-3 visa, you must show that you:

  • Are an Australian citizen
  • Have a valid job offer in the US
  • Have the required academic or other qualifications
  • Will fill a specialist employment job
Family of E-3 Visa Holders

Family of E-3 Visa Holders

A nonimmigrant worker’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 are eligible to E-3 dependant status. Children of E-3 employees may not work in the US. Your spouse is deemed employed incidentally.

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