A Schengen visa application includes several requirements, one of the most important of which is evidence of financial support. This criterion ensures that applicants have sufficient funds to support themselves during their Schengen Area stay without burdening the host country. 

Understanding what constitutes valid evidence is crucial for submitting a winning application. This article provides a guide to the documentation required for a Schengen visa.

Financial Statements

The bank statement is a recognised form of evidence. This document needs to:

  • Be current, ideally spanning three to six months.
  • Display the account holder’s name and current balance prominently.
  • Display consistent income or consistent transactions.
  • Be authenticated and stamped by the issuing bank.


You can provide pay stubs as proof of regular income if you are employed. Guarantee these slips:

  • Are from three to six months ago.
  • Include your name and the employer’s information.
  • Highlight both the gross and net salary.

Tax Return Forms

Typically, tax returns from the previous year can be a strong indicator of your financial stability. They mirror:

  • Your yearly income.
  • Contributions to taxes.
  • Financial dependability.

Letters of Scholarship or Sponsorship

Students and those receiving financial sponsorship can submit a letter explaining the terms of sponsorship in detail. This letter needs to:

  • Include the amount of the grant or sponsorship.
  • Include the duration and intent.
  • Highlight any specific conditions or clauses.
  • Be on official letterhead, stamped or verified by the letter’s organisation.

Pension Documentation

Recent pension statements can provide financial means for retirees and pensioners travelling to the Schengen Area. These records should:

  • Ideal coverage would encompass the last three to six months.
  • Mention the retiree’s name.
  • Indicate the monthly or annual quantity of the pension.

Statement of Support

An affidavit of support can be submitted if a relative or acquaintance residing in the Schengen Area is paying for your expenses. This binding legal document guarantees:

  • The supporter’s pledge to cover your expenses.
  • Details regarding the donor’s financial situation.
  • Relationship between the candidate and the donor.

Health or Travel Insurance

Valid travel or health insurance is required for most Schengen visa applications, even though it is not direct proof of financial means. Make sure the policy:

  • Covers medical costs up to a minimum of €30,000.
  • Valid throughout the Schengen Area for the duration of the entire trip.

It is essential to provide sufficient evidence of financial means to demonstrate your ability to cover expenses in the Schengen Area. Ensuring that all documents are authentic, current, and pertinent is essential. Always confirm the specific requirements of the country you are applying to, as criteria can vary marginally. 

Your Schengen visa application will likely be approved if you provide sufficient evidence of financial resources, paving the way for your European adventure!

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