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The Tier Visa system in the United Kingdom is a points-based visa category system. To be eligible for a visa, applicants must achieve a certain amount of points on an assessment test. The test takes into account a variety of characteristics, including your age, English language proficiency, and other factors relevant to the Tier in which you apply. If you come to the UK to live under a Tier category, you may be eligible for UK settlement or possibly citizenship.

Tier 1 Visa Types

Tier 1 Visa Types

Tier 1 visas are reserved for high-value migrants in the United Kingdom. The following visa sub-categories are now available under the UK Tier 1 category:

1st level (Exceptional Talent)

Persons who have achieved international acclaim in the sciences or the arts.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): Individuals who want to start, take over, or be involved in the operation of a business or firms in the United Kingdom.

Tier 1 (Investor): Individuals who wish to make a substantial financial investment in the United Kingdom.

Tier 1 (General) is a category for highly skilled professionals that is currently closed to people from outside the UK and most people from within the UK.

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Non-Europeans who have been recognised for creative or entrepreneurial talents after graduating from a UK higher education institution.

What is a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, and how does it work?

What is a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, and how does it work?

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is a British Point Based System business visa for international businesspeople who plan to invest between £50,000 and £200,000 in the UK. They can either start a new firm or join an existing one as a business partner. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas are granted for a period of three years and four months.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa holders can do the following:

In the United Kingdom, start or direct one or more enterprises;

  • Engage in a variety of business activities, including self-employment.
  • Bring your family and/or any dependents to the UK with you.
  • By forming an Entrepreneurial Team, you can share the same investment money with another Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa holder. These money cannot be used in a subsequent visa application with a different team.
Who would benefit from a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

Who would benefit from a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

In order to be eligible for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, the applicant must be a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, as well as have the intention of investing the aforementioned quantity of money in a UK firm.

In addition, the applicant must have full access to a minimum of 50,000 pounds sterling and a maximum of 200,000 pounds sterling in investment capital allocated to a UK-based business.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

You must submit your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application from outside the UK, specifically from your home country, three months prior to your scheduled trip date. You must submit your application online through the UK governments official website, where you will be required to provide some basic information about yourself and your reason for visiting the UK, as well as upload scanned copies of your original documents.

If you are visiting the UK for the first time, you must make an appointment at the nearest application centre, UK embassy, or consulate in your home country, where you must provide biometrics and a photograph.

When a person is already in the UK on a valid visa and wishes to do one of the following things:

  • Change your visa to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa if you already have one.
  • Boost the number of Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas available.
  • Changing from a Tier 1 to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

You can apply to change your visa to Tier 1 Entrepreneur if you are in the UK with one of the following visas:

  • Tier 1 Investor;
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur;
  • Tier 2; A tourist who is permitted to participate in activities as a potential entrepreneur;
  • Tier 1 Post-Study Work;
  • Tier 1 General;
  • Tier 4/Student Categories

Candidates must also provide biometric information, such as a photo and fingerprints, at designated Post Offices when transferring their visa to Tier 1 Entrepreneur, a service that costs £19.20. If the candidates application for a change of visa is successful, they will be issued a Biometric Residence Permit. While your application is being processed, you are permitted to remain in the United Kingdom.

With a shifted visa to Tier 1 Entrepreneur, there is a three-year limit on how long you can stay in the UK.

Applicants who want to switch to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of £50,000 in cash on hand
    Maintain a continual business presence.
    Pay the Surcharge for Medical Care
    Be a self-employed person or a director of a company registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or Companies House.