The visa fee for the UK varies by application type. For example, tourist, student, and spouse visa fees from outside the UK are £100, £363, and £1,538, respectively. Applicants seeking a UK visa must pay the online application fee in British pound sterling (GBP), United States dollar (USD), or local currency such as Indian or Pakistani rupees. Consequently, visa fees can be paid online via debit or credit card following completion of the application form.

The fees listed below do not include service fees paid to any private support agencies such as

Standard UK visitor visa fees 2022

The most common visa for entering the UK is the ordinary visitor visa. Applicants may apply for various visitor visas, such as marriage, visiting academic, medical treatment, and approved paid engagement, based on the reason for their trip to the UK .

The application fee for a 6-month UK travel visa has increased from £95 to £100 as of April 6, 2022.

Frequent visitors to the UK can apply for a long-term visitor visa for tourism, family visits, and authorized business activities. The application fee for a 2, 5, or 10-year long-term visiting visa has increased by £15 as of April 6, 2022. Accordingly, visitor visa applications for 2, 5, and 10 years cost £376, £670, and £837, respectively.

Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United States of America, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland do not require a regular visitor visa to enter the UK for up to 180 days.

A tourist visa applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient cash for their vacation and will leave the UK at the end of their stay. Applicants are permitted to engage third party sponsors to support their trips. However, the candidate should be self-sufficient and able to pay all their expenses. Important indicators of the applicant’s intent to return home at the conclusion of the journey include stable work (company), sufficient funds, and family ties.

For the purpose of visiting family, applicants require an invitation letter from a UK sponsor, evidence of sufficient cash for the trip, and confirmation that the applicant will depart the UK after the visit. The British sponsor can agree to provide the trip’s finances, food, and lodging.

Additional visa fees and fees for transit from outside the UK

Priority Visitor (Visa within 5 Days):

  • 6 Months – £350
  • 2 Years – £626
  • 5 Years – £920
  • 10 Years – £1,087

Super Priority Visitor Visa, Next Day:

  • 6 months – £1.056
  • 2 Years – £1,332
  • 5 Years – £1,626
  • 10 Years – £1,793

Other Visitor Visa Fees:

  • Marriage – £100
  • Private medical treatment (over 6 months, up to 11 months) – £200
  • Academic visitor (up to 12 months) £200
  • Permitted paid involvement – £100
  • £100 for the Approved Destination Scheme (ADS)
  • Visa for a parent of a student – £531

Transit Visa

  • £35 for Direct Airside Transit (DATV)
  • Visitor transiting – £64
  • Joining a ship’s or aircraft’s crew as a crew member – £64
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