This post will go over the main conditions you must satisfy to apply for a family visa in the UK. 

How To Apply For A UK Family Visa

In order to get a UK family visa, you must follow the following steps.

You must first decide which category you fit into to apply for a UK family visa. The main categories are spouse/partner, parent, child, and adult dependent visas. 

You must be married to or in a civil partnership with a UK citizen or permanent resident to qualify for a spouse or partner visa. You must present proof of your relationship, such as marriage licenses, shared bank accounts, or photos of the two of you. 

You must also demonstrate that you have lived together for at least two years. If you can demonstrate that there are compelling reasons why you cannot live together despite not having been living together, you may still be eligible to apply. 

UK Parent Visas

Parents with a kid who is a British citizen or has made their home in the UK are eligible for parent visas. The child must be under 18, and you must show proof that you are their main carer or that they reside with you. You must also show that you can provide for your child and yourself without the government’s aid. 

UK Child Visas

Children under 18 with a British citizen or permanent resident parent or parents are eligible for child visas. A parent or legal guardian must accompany any minor traveling to the United Kingdom.

UK Adult-Dependent Visas

Older parents or grandparents of UK citizens who require long-term care owing to age, disease, or disability are eligible for adult-dependent visas. You must demonstrate that you are financially reliant on a family member living in the UK and cannot sustain yourself. 

Additional Conditions

It would help if you satisfied the financial conditions and the ones listed above to apply for a UK family visa. If the UK resident sponsors a spouse or partner, they must earn at least £18,600 annually; dependent children must earn more. The sponsoring UK citizen must earn at least £22,400 annually to support a parent or an adult dependent. 

While applying for a UK family visa might be difficult, if you match the criteria and supply the required documentation, you should have a high chance of being approved. Please plan ahead, as it may take many months to finish the application procedure. 


Who may apply for a family visa to the UK?

Non-EEA nationals who are a spouse, partner, parent, child, or dependent adult relative of a UK resident.

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