Parents of US citizens or permanent residents may come and reside in the US under this visa category. There are many US parent visa categories, the requirements for receiving one, and the application procedure are all covered in this article. 

A family-based visa known as a “US Parent Visa” enables parents of US citizens or permanent residents to remain in the US. The two main categories of US parent visas are direct relative and family preference visas. Parents of US citizens are qualified for the immediate relative visa. In contrast, parents of US permanent residents are eligible for the family preference visa. The parent must be sponsored by their US citizen or permanent resident child and complete additional requirements to be eligible for a US Parent Visa. 

Let’s begin with the visa for a close relative. Parents of US citizens at least 21 years old may apply for this sort of visa. The total number of immediate relative visas that can be given yearly is unlimited. Generally speaking, processing times are shorter than those for family preference visas. 

The US citizen child must submit a form I-130 and a petition for Alien Relative on their parent’s behalf to apply for an immediate relative visa. In addition, the parent will have to submit paperwork like their passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate, go through a medical exam and have a discussion at a US embassy or consulate. 

On the other hand, the family preference visa is for parents of US permanent residents. Family preference visas can only be issued a certain amount each year. They typically take longer to process than visas for close relatives. 

Before submitting a form I-130 and petition for Alien Relative on their parent’s behalf, the US permanent resident child must request a family preference visa. The parent will be added to a waiting list depending on their priority date once the petition is approved (the date it was filed). Depending on the place of origin and the visa demand, the waiting period can last anywhere from a few months to many years. 

  • The parent-child relationship, age, and US citizenship or permanent residency status of the child are all requirements for US Parent visa eligibility. 
  • Also, the parent must be in good health, have good morals, and be free of immigration infractions or criminal convictions. 
  • It is recommended to get the help of an immigration lawyer because the application process for US parent visas can be difficult and time-consuming. 

To conclude what we have just gone over, US Parent Visas are a important choice for parents who want to remain with their children who are US citizens or permanent residents. It’s important to understand the requirements and the application process, whether you’re looking for a family preference visa or an immediate relative visa. Please don’t hesitate to ask an immigration attorney for help if you have any questions or concerns. By following the steps above, you should be ok.

A brief summary:

A family-based visa known as a “US Parent Visa” allows parents of US citizens or permanent residents to remain in the US. There are two main categories, the family preference category for parents of US permanent residents and the immediate relative category for parents of US citizens. The parent must meet specific requirements and be sponsored by their child to be eligible. An immigration attorney should be contacted because the application process can be complicated. 

FAQ: Can parents of US citizens or lawful permanent residents apply for a US Parent Visa?

Depending on their child’s citizenship or status as a permanent resident, they may apply for either an immediate relative visa or a family preference visa.

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