Every person wishing to enter the Schengen Zone may be subject to a travel document regime. Depending on his or her nationality, if you need to apply for a Schengen Visa, you will find your country listed within the Schengen Countries.

You can review the list of countries that must apply for a Schengen Visa under here.

If you have never been to Europe before, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself “Do I need a travel document to Schengen Area?” Currently, more than 60 countries around the world can enter Europe without the need to obtain a travel document first. For this reason, they can remain there for 90 days within a six-month period.

The Schengen visa application process to obtain a European travel document is mandatory for your freedom of movement in this area. Therefore, you should be very careful when submitting your Schengen travel authorization application.

If you need to apply for a travel document to Europe, we can offer support for the whole process. You can get started on your Schengen application with us here.

The full process is as follows:

Figure out which Schengen type you need

Depending on the reason that you need to enter the Schengen Zone, you can apply for one of the following Schengen types:

  • Transit Schengen
  • Tourism 
  • Visiting Family or Friends
  • Business 
  • Culture and Sport activities
  • Official Visits
  • Study 
  • Medical Reasons

Find out where you need to apply

Depending on how your destination country in Schengen has regulated application submission in your country of residence, you will have to file your Schengen application at one of the following:

  • Your embassy.
  • One of your consulates.
  • A visa application center to which the embassy of your destination country has outsourced travel document submission.
  • The embassy or consulate of another Schengen state to which the embassy of your destination country has outsourced visa submission.

By your “destination country”, we mean the country where you need to lodge your visa application, according to the Schengen rules.

Find the most suitable time to apply.

Due to the time that Schengen embassies or consulates worldwide need to process a Schengen Application, you have an appointed period within which you can file your application. 

The allowed period to apply for a Schengen visa is as following:

  • Six months before you start your planned trip is the earliest you can file an application.
  • The latest you can file for an application: at most is 15 working days before you intend to travel.
  • At least three weeks before your trip is the recommended time to file an application.

Book an appointment

In order to proceed with your application, you must book a Schengen appointment.

Most of the countries give you the chance to book an appointment online. On the other hand, in some countries, you will need to book the appointment in person, at the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Fill out the application form

Download the application form and fill it in correctly and honestly.

The Schengen application form has the same format no matter which country’s travel document the applicant is applying for.

You will have to give the following information on your Schengen application form:

  • Your personal information
  • Information on your background
  • Your purpose or wish to enter the Schengen Area
  • Other details regarding your trip
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