This section will describe what the United States Government considers leisure activities for processing B2 visitor visa applications

Participation in a sport or cultural event as a spectator or active engagement in some form of leisure activity is at the core of recreational tourism’s primary goals. (Observing a performance at a local theatre). Intellectually stimulating recreational activities can also be carried out within the context of tourism.

Exercise and Sports

Activities that involve relaxation, leisure, and sports all play a vital part in communities. As do cultural and artistic pursuits. The health and well-being of individuals can be improved. They can contribute to the empowerment of individuals, and they can promote the formation of communities that are inclusive. These are just some of the numerous benefits they provide.

Recreational and sporting activities are open to participants of any age, ability level, or degree of skill and can be enjoyed by individuals, small groups, entire teams, or entire communities. There is a large amount of variation in the kinds of recreation, leisure, and sporting activities that individuals participate in based on the local setting, and these tend to reflect the social structures and cultural values of the population.

Those with impairments may have few possibilities to participate in community life outside their immediate families. Nonetheless, one option may be participating in recreational, leisure, and sporting activities. People with disabilities have the same options regarding sports as they do when it comes to culture and art. They can either actively participate (for example, by joining a basketball team) or passively participate (e.g., spectators at a football match).

Outdoor recreational activities

Any activities that can be done for fun outside involve being in the fresh air (such as visiting the beach), pursued the purpose of pleasure. Recreational activities typically include at least a modicum of deliberate, strenuous physical activity and are typically carried out in the open air and in natural settings (such as camping).


A hobby is a type of recreational activity that is done more for enjoyment or recreation than for making money. Even if financial gain is not the primary motivation for engaging in a specific interest, that doesn’t mean the hobby can’t be lucrative.


This is another type of recreational activity that allows people to relax and enjoy themselves, particularly during their spare time. These pursuits can take the form of activities, performances, or events that entertain people, such as concerts or sporting events.

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