Immigration and nationality fee increases to pay for vital services and allow more funding to be prioritised for public sector pay rises are scheduled to take effect on 4 October, per legislation presented before Parliament on the 15th September.

How much are the fees increasing?

The fee for a visit visa valid for less than six months is increasing by £15 to £115, and the fee for applying for a student visa from outside the United Kingdom is increasing by £127 to £490 to match the sum charged for in-country applications.

In July, the government announced a 15 percent increase in the cost of most work and visit visas, as well as a 20 percent increase in the cost of priority visas, study visas, and sponsorship certificates.

The capacity of the Home Office to maintain a viable immigration and nationality system is reliant on the revenue generated from fees.

When setting fees, careful consideration is given to help reduce the funding contribution from British taxpayers, while continuing to provide a service that remains attractive to those who desire to work in the United Kingdom and promotes the prosperity of all.

What visa types are affected by the change?

The alterations include:

  • Visitor visa fees for up to six months, two, five, and ten years.
  • The preponderance of fees for entry clearance and certain applications for leave to remain in the United Kingdom, including work and study applications.
  • Fees for indefinite leave to enter and permanent residency.
  • The convention travel document and the stateless travel document.
  • Visa for Health and Care.
  • Fees associated with sponsorship certificates and confirmation of acceptance to study.
  • In-country and international fees for the ultra priority service, as well as international fees for the priority service. The settlement priority service will reduce so it is aligned with the cost of using the priority service.
  • Requests for Registration and Naturalisation as a British Citizen.
  • The cost of the service ‘User Pays Visa Application’.

Immigration and nationality fees will increase on October 4, 2023, pending parliamentary approval, if applicable. The changes implemented on the 15th September do not include the anticipated increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which will be implemented later this autumn.

Visa fees transparency data – GOV.UK ( contains a complete listing of the new fees.

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