The Isle of Man Treasury Department has announced a 9% increase in visa application fees, effective July 1st, 2024.

This follows a previous 7% increase for work and visit visas. The new fees will bring the Isle of Man in line with the UK Home Office’s 15% increase implemented last autumn.

Reasons for the Increase

The Isle of Man Treasury Department cites a long-standing agreement to harmonize immigration and nationality fees across the Common Travel Area. This ensures no region undercuts another on visa fees.

Impact of Increased Applications

The fee increase comes amidst concerns about processing delays. The number of visa applicants has surged five-fold since Brexit, with some applicants waiting up to 90 days for a decision.

What to Expect

The changes will affect various visa categories:

  • Worker Migrant Visa Fees: Expect a £136 increase for those staying longer than three years, bringing the cost to £1,636.
  • Worker Migrant Health and Care Visa Fees: These will also increase by £136 to £1,085.

Administration Fee Increases

Following the UK Home Office’s lead, administration fees will also rise to reflect service cost increases. This includes:

  • Certified Copy Fees: Up from £250 to £400.
  • Certificate of British Citizenship: This fee increase rectifies a previous error, bringing the cost to £400.
  • British Citizenship Application Review: Review fees for rejected applications will increase from £372 to £450.
  • Citizenship Ceremony Fees: The cost of attending a citizenship ceremony will rise from £80 to £130.

Stay Informed recommends all visa applicants to the Isle of Man visit the Isle of Man Government website for the latest information and fee schedules. These measures are expected to be formally presented to Tynwald later this month.

We advise applicants to factor in these new fees when planning their visa applications to the Isle of Man.

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