With a staggering 30.2 million visas issued since 2009, France outshines the competition, accounting for a whopping 23.9% of visas granted by the top 10 European countries over this 13-year period. Germany, despite holding the 2009 crown, consistently trails behind, granting 10 million fewer visas.

But the allure of France goes beyond historical supremacy. It consistently topped the charts, except for 2009, and even during the pandemic years, remained the number one visa issuer. In 2021, despite a global travel freeze, France issued a quarter of all European visas!

Outside of France

However, visa statistics are a dynamic landscape. While Poland saw a meteoric rise from fifth in 2015 to top ten contender in recent years, it later dropped off the list entirely. Similarly, Finland and the Czech Republic experienced fluctuating positions, highlighting the ever-evolving nature of visa issuance.

On the flip side, Switzerland steadily climbed the ranks, becoming the seventh largest visa issuer in 2022. This trend showcases the ever-shifting dynamics of tourism and travel priorities among applicants.

So, what does this mean for your European dream trip? While France offers a historically high chance of visa success, remember, each application is assessed individually. Factors like travel history, purpose of visit, and financial stability still play a crucial role.

But armed with this knowledge, you can strategize your application, choose the destination with the most welcoming statistics, and increase your chances of securing that coveted Schengen stamp. 

Key Takeaways:

  • France is the undisputed king of Schengen visas, granting over 30 million since 2009.
  • Visa issuance rates constantly fluctuate, with countries like Poland and Switzerland experiencing significant changes.
  • While statistics offer valuable insights, individual application factors remain crucial.

Remember: Always tailor your application to the specific country you’re targeting and provide strong supporting documents. With careful planning and this insider knowledge, your European adventure is just one visa away!

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