Schengen Area travel is a dream for many, but the visa application procedure can become slightly more complicated when minors are involved. Minors are frequently subject to additional requirements to ensure their safety and the validity of their travel purposes. 

If you plan to travel with or send a minor to the Schengen Area, it is essential to grasp the visa requirements. This article examines whether juveniles require additional supporting documents to obtain a Schengen visa.

Birth Registration

The birth certificate is essential for minors applying for a Schengen visa. This document should:

  • Be an original or a certified copy of the document.
  • Include the child’s name, birth date, and parents’ identities.

Consent of Parents

A parental consent form must be signed for a minor to travel without one or both parents. This document needs to:

  • Mention the trip’s destination, duration, and purpose with clarity.
  • Include information about the accompanying adult, if applicable.
  • Signed by both parents or legal custodians, even if the minor travels with only one parent.
  • Be notarised to ensure its integrity.

Passport copies of parents or guardians

Along with parental consent, copies of the parents’ or guardians’ passports (or IDs, as applicable) are required. These ought to:

  • Display the biodata page.
  • In cases of guardianship, all pertinent legal documents must accompany the application.

Evidence of Relationship

In certain circumstances, additional proof of relationship may be required to validate the connection between the infant and the accompanying adult or parents in addition to the birth certificate.

Evidence of Financial Capacity

In the case of minors, verification of the parental or legal guardian’s financial means will be required in place of the minor’s financial documentation. This can be expressed as:

  • Financial documents.
  • Paycheck stubs.
  • Submitting tax returns.

Court Orders and Other Legal Documents

In cases where only one parent has sole custody of a child or where there are specific legal conditions, relevant court orders or legal documents must be presented. These ought to:

  • Mention custody rights explicitly.
  • Be presented when the consent of one parent cannot be obtained for legal reasons.

Specifics of Lodging

As with adult travellers, the location of the minor’s lodging is required. This may include a hotel reservation, an invitation letter, or tour package information.

The Schengen visa application procedure for minors is designed to prioritise the child’s safety and well-being. Parents and guardians must be thorough and meticulous when collecting and submitting all necessary documents. Always consult the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying to, as there may be minor variations in requirements. 

You can ensure a seamless visa application process for the minor with diligent preparation, opening the door to an unforgettable European experience!

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