Is it possible to sponsor your parents if you don’t have a consistent income? The short answer is it depends, however we’ll go into more detail in this article.

Sponsoring Parents To The USA

If your parents cannot maintain themselves, you must act as their sponsor and provide them money. This indicates that you must file a Form I-864 Affidavit of Support to demonstrate that you earn enough money to support your parents. The minimum income criterion is often around 125% of the federal poverty level. However, it changes based on your household size and where you live.

But what if your income needs to be more consistent or less than the minimum requirement?

There are still choices. First, you can use help to cover the required costs. This includes savings, real estate, and other assets that can be liquidated. You can list your assets on your Affidavit of Support form if you have enough to meet the necessary financial obligations.

Using A Joint Sponsor

Using a joint sponsor is an additional choice. Someone who agrees to share financial responsibility for your parents with you is known as a dual sponsor. They must fill out their Affidavit of Support form and document their assets or income. The joint sponsor must also have the same revenue level as the sponsor. 

It’s important to remember that the sponsor is accountable for providing for their parents for a specific time. The sponsor must provide financial support for parents of U.S. citizens for 10 years or until they become citizens, whichever occurs first. For parents of LPRs, the sponsor must provide for them for 10 years or until they become LPRs, whichever happens first. 

  • The financial requirements for sponsoring your parents may be satisfied using assets. 
  • The financial needs may also be satisfied by a joint sponsor. 
  • Their parents must be supported by the sponsor for a predetermined time. 

In conclusion, supporting your parents without consistent pay is still doable, although it can necessitate taking extra measures. You’ll need to look into options for leveraging assets or locating a joint sponsor to achieve the necessary financial requirements. Before sponsoring your parents, remember that the sponsor will be responsible for providing for them for a particular time. 


Can someone with a green card support their parents in moving to the U.S.?

Yes, a holder of a green card may use the family-based immigration system to sponsor their parents’ entry into the country. However, there may be different requirements, such as demonstrating that the sponsor can support their parents financially. The process may take longer than if the sponsor were a U.S. citizen. The number of visas available for family-based immigration is also limited, so there can be a delay before the parent can enter the country.

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