Ukraine Visa

Ukraine Visa

Do you need a visa to visit Ukraine?

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Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

It is necessary for all visitors to Ukraine to apply for a visa at one of the Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad or online, unless they are from one of the visa-exempt countries.

Travel to Ukraine is not recommended due to the ongoing war.

Ukraine is included in the UKs list of visa-exempt nations. Before travelling to the UK for whatever purpose, all Ukrainians must apply for a visa. Ukraines visa application centres have been closed, and Ukrainians are being routed to those in neighbouring nations.

UK Governments Crisis Response

The Governments first response was on assisting British residents and their families residing in Ukraine. It has since widened the visa process for Ukrainians and relatives with family in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it aims to establish a sponsored visa path for Ukrainians who do not have family ties to the UK.

The number of people who may be eligible under the visa measures mentioned thus far is unknown. The government has made no numerical restrictions.

The Government continues to face pressure from all political parties and a broad variety of campaigners to assist a broader range of people fleeing Ukraine.

According to some campaigners, Ukrainians troubles obtaining visas to enter the United Kingdom demonstrate that customised immigration pathways are an inappropriate and insufficient answer to refugee-producing situations. There have been some proposals for the UK to adopt a greater humanitarian response based on the principles of international refugee law in order to provide for the protection of more persons leaving Ukraine in the UK.

individuals in Ukraine have the option of obtaining a bespoke visa.

Individuals with familial ties to the United Kingdom

The Ukraine Family Scheme is a new visa category for immediate and extended family members of British and non-British nationals residing in the United Kingdom. The relative residing in the United Kingdom must be on indefinite leave or have pre-settled status. The Home Office is considering expanding eligibility to relatives of those granted temporary leave to remain (such as students and workers).

Successful candidates are granted permission to remain in the UK for three years, with the right to work, study, and access public funds. The visa is complimentary.

Ukrainian applicants who possess a biometric passport will be able to complete the entire visa application procedure online beginning 15 March, eliminating the need to visit a visa application centre. Applicants without a biometric passport must still visit a visa application centre.