Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa

Do you need a visa to visit Tanzania?

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If you are not from one of the few countries that are free from visa requirements, you will be required to get a visa before entering Tanzania. In most cases, while going to a foreign nation, you are presented with two possibilities. You may either enter with a Tanzania eVisa that has been planned or get a visa on arrival.

Who needs a visa to Tanzania

Most nationals must apply for a visa before visiting to Tanzania, but getting one is a simple process. These nationals include those of the European Union and the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the US and Canada, and many other Latin American and Asian nations (with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore).

For more information on visas to Tanzania,  you can visit their Embassy page.

Entry into Tanzania

Applicants those with approved visa applications must enter the United Republic of Tanzania through one of the five designated Entry Points, which are:

  • Namanga border
  • Tunduma border
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA)
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA).

Eligibility / Criteria to apply for a Tanzania Visa


The following documents should be submitted with an application for an ordinary visa:

  • A copy of the applicant’s biographical data page from a current passport;
  • Flight’s return ticket (not required);
  • incomplete declaration form
  • the $50 visa charge.


  • A replica of the applicant’s biographical data page from a current passport;
  • the $100 Visa charge;
  • valid national identification card or passport of the person being visited in Tanzania (host);
  • a letter outlining the objectives and regularity of visits from the hosting institution OR;
  • a passport or other government-issued identification, if the applicant is travelling to see a spouse; OR;
  • Any evidence that supports the need for regular travel to the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • flight’s return ticket (not required);


a replica of the applicant’s biographical data page from a current passport;
a return flight ticket;
the $250 visa charge.
a work contract or other documentation demonstrating that the task or assignment must be completed in no more than three months; or


a replica of the applicant’s biographical data page from a current passport;
a visa charge of $30.
a ticket or entrance visa for the country to which you are travelling;


a replica of the applicant’s biographical data page from a current passport;
Visa fees range from 50 to 550 dollars, depending on the type and length of the visa.
Covering letter from the host institution or college, outlining the course(s), field(s), and duration of the programme the international student will be attending

Ordinary Visa

Multiple Visa

Business Visa

Transit Visa

Processing Time For Tanzania Visas

The processing of your visa will take 10 business days. However, the typical duration is three (3) days. You will then get an email containing your new Tanzania e-Visa after it has been accepted. You may also use the internet to verify the status of your Tanzanian visa.

Help with Tanzania Visas

n applicant may at any time enquire to seek clarification regarding the process through the following e-mail: Info@visatanzania.go.tz

Who can visit Tanzania without a visa

• Antigua & Barbuda
• Anguilla
• Ashmore & Certie Island
• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Bermuda
• Belize
• Brunei
• British Virgin Island
• British Indian Ocean Territory
• Botswana
• Cyprus
• Cayman Island
• Channel Island
• Cocoas Island
• Cook Island
• Christmas Island
• Dominica
• Falkland Island
• Gambia
• Ghana
• Gibraltar
• Grenada
• Guernsey
• Guyana
• Heard Island
• Hong Kong
• Isle of man
• Jamaica
• Jersey
• Kenya
• Kiribati
• Lesotho
• Malawi
• Montserrat
• Malaysia
• Madagascar
• Malta
• Mauritius
• Macao
• Mozambique
• Nauru
• Naue Island
• Norfolk Island
• Namibia
• Papua new Guinea
• Rwanda
• Romania
• Ross Dependency
• Samoa
• Seychelles
• Singapore
• Swaziland
• Solomon Island
• St. Kitts&Navis
• St. Lucia
• St. Vicent
• St. Helana
• South African Republic
• Trinidad & Tobago
• Turks & Caicos
• Tokelan
• Tonga
• Tuvalu
• Vanuatu
• Uganda
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe

For detailed information on specific parts of the general visa process, you can refer to the links below to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

Tanzania Visa Types

STUDENT VISA50, 250,550

What To Do If Your Visa to Tanzania is Refused

If your visa is refused, contact the following:

For more information contact the following:

The Commissioner General of Immigration Services

P. O. Box 512,

Dar es Salaam.

Tel. +255 2850575, 2850576, 2850569

Email: visatanzania@immigration.go.tz

Website: www.immigration.go.tz

People Also Asked

Visitors must apply for their visa online at least a week or two before flying to Tanzania for vacation.

Subject to meeting all immigration conditions, it is also feasible to get a tourist or business visa for a single entry upon arrival at Tanzania’s principal ports of entry. You could be required to show documentation of your return trip. A multiple entry visa cannot be obtained upon arrival.

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