Regardless of where they were born or how they became citizens, American citizens are allowed to work in the country. This means that everyone who is a US citizen—whether they were born there, got citizenship through naturalization, or obtained citizenship through their parents—can work in the US. 

Those with permanent residence (green cards) can work in the US. However, there might be limitations on the kinds of occupations people can hold. For instance, certain positions need a security clearance only available to US residents. A permanent resident’s ability to work abroad for extended periods may also be impacted by limitations on the amount of time they can spend outside the US. 

The federal government may also grant non-citizens permission to work legally in the US. Asylees, refugees, and those with work visas such as an H-1B are included. But, before they may lawfully operate in the US, these people must get the appropriate license from the federal government. 

Regardless of their citizenship status, all employers are obligated by law to confirm the employment eligibility of their employees. To confirm each employee’s identification and right to work, companies must complete an I-9 form. Businesses knowingly recruiting unregistered personnel can risk serious consequences, including fines and criminal charges. 

To sum up, All people given the federal government’s permission to work in the US, including citizens, permanent residents, and non-citizens, are entitled to do so. Each of these categories are subject to limitations and requirements. Nevertheless, employers are mandated by law to confirm each employee’s eligibility for employment. A consultation with an immigration lawyer is usually a smart idea if you’re uncertain about your ability to work in the US. 

Short Version: Those authorized to work in the US by the federal government, permanent residents, and citizens are all eligible. Every employee’s eligibility for employment must be confirmed by the employer. If doubtful, check E-Verify for eligibility and speak with an immigration lawyer. 

FAQ: Can foreign nationals work in the US?

Given the federal government’s permission to work in the US, foreign nationals may do so. Asylees, refugees, and those with work visas such as an H-1B are included.

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