The F2 visa enables dependent family members of an F1 visa holder to travel to the US. The various people or organizations that can sponsor an F2 visa will be the main topic of this blog.

Holder of an F1 visa

The holder of an F1 visa is frequently the sponsor of an F2 visa. They are in charge of preserving their status as a full-time student and seeing that their dependents remain the same as the primary visa holder. The F1 visa holder must demonstrate that their dependents are financially supported to sponsor a fellow applicant.

US National or Lawful Permanent Resident

An F2 visa may be sponsored by a citizen or permanent resident of the United States for their spouse or unmarried minor child. They must present evidence of their support for the dependent’s expenses and confirm their relationship with the dependent in achieving this. 

A US Employer

If the F1 visa holder works in the country, their company could be eligible to sponsor their family members. To do so, the employer must present identification and confirmation of funding. 

An Award or Fellowship Scheme

A scholarship or fellowship program may be able to sponsor an F2 visa for the F1 visa holder’s dependents if they are receiving financial support from that program. The program must demonstrate that it is financially supported to do this.

  • It’s important to remember that the sponsor of an F2 visa is in charge of providing the dependent with money while they are in the country. 
  • The sponsor must offer evidence of their financial support, such as pay stubs, employment contracts, or scholarship letters. 
  • For example, a marriage license or birth certificate are acceptable forms of documentation for the sponsor to show their connection to the dependent. 

In conclusion, many people or organizations can sponsor an F2 visa. However, a US citizen or permanent resident, a US employer, or a scholarship or fellowship program may also be able to sponsor an F2 visa. The F1 visa holder is the most typical sponsor. It’s important to conduct a thorough study and compile the required supporting papers if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring your visa application.


Can a friend or distant relative sponsor an F2 visa?

A friend or distant relative normally cannot sponsor an F2 visa. A dependent of an F-1 visa holder can only be sponsored by the F1 visa holder themselves or a member of their immediate family who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States.

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