A student visa is essential for international students who wish to resume their education in the UK. The cost of a student visa may vary based on factors such as visa classification and the length of the course. This article discusses the current cost of a student visa for the UK. 

What student visas are offered in the UK? 

 Student visa

Work restrictions: A Student Visa permits a maximum of 20 hours per week of employment during term time. This is a maximum of 20 hours of labour per week, whether paid or unpaid, for one or more organisations. The 20 hours cannot be spread out over an extended period of time. The application cost for a Student visa costs £490 for students enrolled in courses lasting longer than six months. If you are applying for a visa outside the UK, you may need to pay £470 for the Immigration Health Surcharge. 

Visa for short-term study

You may apply for a Short-term study visa in order to study English in the UK. This visa is for English language programmes lasting between six and eleven months. If your course is different, verify which visa you require. If you wish to enroll in a course lasting six months or less, you may qualify for a Short-term study visa. This visa is available for a total fee of £200. 


If you bring your spouse, partner, or children to the UK, they will need to register for a dependent visa. The cost of a dependent visa is £490 per individual. 

The price of a student visa for the UK can vary based on the form of the visa and the length of the course. A Student visa costs £490, and an annual Immigration Health Surcharge of £470 must also be paid. A dependent visa costs £490 for each family member accompanying you to the UK. 

Ensure you know the current cost of a UK student visa and plan your finances accordingly. Before applying, ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the visa fee and other expenses, such as travel, accommodation, and living expenses. 


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