Living in sun-kissed Spain as a Brit? Breathe easy! The UK Embassy in Madrid confirms your “Green Certificates” issued by Spanish authorities remain valid, safeguarding your residency and work rights under the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Green Cards: Your Passport to Secure Residence:

Hold onto those A4 certificates or handy credit-card sized green cards! They grant you the same residency and work rights as any other UK national in Spain, even with upcoming travel changes within the EU.

Future-Proofing Your Stay:

Say goodbye to visa hassle and Schengen limitations! Your green card exempts you from the new Entry Exit System (EES), European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), and the 90/180-day Schengen Area rule. Talk about a worry-free future in Spain!

Upgrading Your Paperwork (Optional):

While not mandatory, the Embassy and Spanish authorities encourage exchanging your green card for a Spanish Foreign Identity Card (TIE). It’s a convenient upgrade, but remember, your residency rights are rock-solid regardless of your document type.

Brits in Spain: A Growing Community:

Over 313,000 Brits call Spain home, with Andalusia, Valencia, and the Canary Islands topping the list of favourite havens. And who can resist the Spanish charm? With 15.1 million Brits visiting in 2022 alone, Spain’s allure is undeniable.

Planning for the Future:

As Spain navigates new EU travel regulations, rest assured your green card remains your key to secure residency. Stay informed with updates from the Embassy and, and enjoy the Spanish sun with peace of mind. Remember, your Withdrawal Agreement rights are your golden ticket to a worry-free life in Spain!

Key Takeaways:

  • UK nationals with green certificates retain residency and work rights in Spain.
  • Green cards exempt you from upcoming EU travel restrictions.
  • Exchanging your green card for a TIE is recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Over 313,000 Brits call Spain home, making it a vibrant expat community.

So, relax under the Spanish sky, UK residents! Your green card is your secure passport to residency, and your future in Spain remains bright.

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