Attention globetrotters from the US, Canada and Australia! Planning a trip to Brazil in 2025? Don’t forget to factor in the new visa requirements set to go into effect on April 10th.

What’s Changed?

Previously, visa-free travel was enjoyed by citizens of these three countries. However, starting next year, a visa application will be necessary. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Application Process: Thankfully, the process is streamlined with an evisa option available online, eliminating the need for a consulate visit.
  • Cost: The visa fee is set at $80.90 USD.
  • Validity: Breathe easy, it’s a multi-entry visa valid for a whopping 10 years!
  • Stay Duration: Each visit is limited to 90 days per year.

What Documents Will You Need?

While the evisa application offers convenience, it does require some additional documentation compared to the visa-free system:

  • Letter of Intent: Detail your trip dates, purpose, and confirmed accommodation details.
  • Proof of Residence: Show you reside in your home country.
  • Travel Documents: Round-trip tickets (or a signed return declaration) are mandatory.
  • Proof of Income: Here comes the slightly complex part. Applicants need to demonstrate financial stability by providing either the last 3 months of bank statements (checking or savings) or the last 6 payslips. The Brazilian government requires an average minimum balance of $2,000 USD.
  • Sponsorship Option: If you don’t meet the financial requirement, you can have a sponsor provide proof of their finances instead.

Is This Reciprocal?

Absolutely! Visa systems often operate on a reciprocal basis. While Brazil’s new requirements might seem intricate, the process for Brazilians seeking visas to the US can be even more involved – and expensive (a US visa costs $185!).

Processing Timeline and Tips

The average processing time for a Brazilian visa is 5 business days. However, Visa Application Service (VFS), the company handling applications, strongly recommends applying at least two months before your trip to ensure ample processing time.

The Potential Impact

With nearly half a million US citizens visiting Brazil in just the first nine months of 2023, these new visa requirements have the potential to impact travel patterns. While the application process offers convenience with the evisa option, the additional documentation and financial requirements might add a new layer of planning for travelers.

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