Attention, UK employers! Brace yourselves for a year of twists and turns in the immigration landscape. We’ve decoded the new rules affecting skilled worker visas, healthcare worker sponsorship, and more, so you can stay compliant and attract top talent with ease.

Salary Threshold Shakeup:

April 2024 brings a hefty increase in the minimum salary for skilled worker visas – jumping from £26,200 to a whopping £38,700! In addition the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) is getting replaced by a new Immigration Salary List, introducing uncertainty about salary discounts and specific job exemptions. Watch this space for updates.

Healthcare and Education Exemptions:

Healthcare and education professionals will be exempt from the new salary threshold, ensuring vital services stay staffed. However, a note to care providers: sponsoring migrant care workers is out after the rule change, and existing sponsors need to be CQC-regulated.

Family Matters:

Prepare for a bittersweet twist: migrant care workers can no longer bring dependents. For existing care workers already sponsored, bringing dependents remains an option.

Transitional Twists:

Existing skilled worker visa holders are exempt from the new salary threshold when changing sponsors, extending, or settling. But beware, future job changes or extensions will fall under the new, stricter rules.

Actionable Insights:

  • Review recruitment plans: Analyze what roles might become ineligible under the new salary threshold. Consider sponsoring key personnel before April.
  • Assess your dependent visas: Review employees on student, graduate, or dependent visas who might need sponsorship later. Sponsoring them now might be advantageous.
  • Prioritize undefined Certificates of Sponsorship: Secure enough certificates to sponsor your needed employees before the April deadline.
  • Plan ahead for potential delays: Increased sponsorship volume might impact UKVI processing times. Be proactive and submit applications early.

Bonus News:

  • Keep an eye out for a potential Immigration Health Surcharge increase and tripled fines for illegal working.
  • New business visitor rules arrive in January, allowing some client-facing activity and paid speaking engagements.
  • The Graduate visa gets a review in Spring – stay tuned for potential changes.

Remember, is your trusted guide through the ever-changing immigration maze. We’ll keep you updated, answer your questions, and help you navigate the new rules with confidence.

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