Inviting your parents to move with you to the United States is a huge choice. Here are some things to remember before we get into the specifics: 

  • When you sponsor a parent, you agree to provide for their financial needs while they are living in the US. 
  • You must submit an affidavit of support, a binding declaration that proves you can assist your parents financially for at least ten years. 
  • The amount of money needed depends on many things, including your household size and location inside the US. 

Minimum Annual Income Required To Sponsor Parents

You must have the required minimum annual income for the size of your home to sponsor your parents. The federal poverty level, adjusted yearly by the Department of Health and Human Services, is used as the minimum income standard; it is set at 125% of those levels. The following are the poverty guidelines for the 48 contiguous states and Washington, DC, as of 2023: 

  • $13,590 for a household of one. 
  • $18,310 for a household of two. 
  • $33,130 for a family of three 
  • A four-person household gets $27,950. 
  • For each extra household member, add $4,820. 

You must add your parents’ income to your household income to determine your minimal household income for sponsoring your parents (if they have any). You must fulfill the minimum income requirements for your household size based on your own income if your parents are not working. 

It’s also crucial to remember that if you reside in Alaska or Hawaii, the minimum income requirement is higher. The criteria in those states are 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. 

Other Sponsorship Requirements

There are a few more options you might look into if you don’t match the income requirements, such as having a partner sponsor or offering additional assets as proof of financial support. 

  • To sponsor your parents, you must fulfill the minimum income criterion for your household size. 
  • The minimal income level is 125% of the annual updated federal poverty guidelines. 
  • Suppose you need to match the income requirements. In that case, you can consider other possibilities, such as having a dual sponsor or submitting additional assets as proof of financial support. 

In conclusion, sponsoring parents to move in with you in the US is an important decision. Therefore it’s crucial to be financially prepared. You’ll be better prepared to choose if you know the minimum income requirements and have looked into your possibilities.


Can I still sponsor my parents if I don’t meet the minimum income threshold? 

If you need to reach the minimum income standard. In that case, you can consider other possibilities, such as having a partner sponsor or presenting additional assets as proof of financial support. It’s crucial to remember that you must still make the required minimum income for your household size.

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