This post will review the price of a US transit visa. You may need to apply for a transit visa if you intend to travel via the US en route to another country. But what would it set you back? 

Why do US transit visa prices fluctuate so much?

Different nations and the US have varying visa fee agreements. When US residents apply for a visa to a nation that has a reciprocal agreement with the US, they may be charged the same fee. Other nations might not have such a deal, so their residents might need to pay more for a transit visa to the US.

The length of your stay can also affect how much a US transit visa costs. You can submit a free application for a transit visa waiver if you’re in the US for a few hours or a day. However, you’ll probably need to apply for a transit visa, which will cost money if you intend to stay in the US longer (even simply for a layover).

The price of a US transit visa may also vary at any time, so it’s a good idea to check with the US Embassy or Consulate in your country to receive the most recent details.

  • You might need to apply for a US transit visa if you intend to travel via the US en route to another country.
  • Depending on your place of origin and the duration of your stay, the cost of a US transit visa can change.
  • Generally, you can pay between $160 and $190 for a US transit visa.
  • The cost of fingerprinting or expedited processing may be more.
  • The price of a US transit visa is subject to change at any time, so make sure you confirm the most recent details with the US Consulate or Embassy in your nation.

In conclusion, if you want to pass through the US en route to another country, you should apply for a US transit visa. Several factors affect the price of this visa, but you should be prepared to pay between $160 and $190. Remember that there can be extra charges, and the price of a US transit visa could vary at any time.


I’m seeking a US transit visa; are there any additional payments I should know of?

There can be extra charges for services like fingerprints or faster processing. Contact your nation’s US Embassy or Consulate for the latest information.

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