When applying for a Skilled Worker visa, you must have sufficient funds to pay the application fee, which varies between £625 and £1,423 based on your circumstances, and pay the healthcare surcharge, which typically costs £624 annually.

UK Work Permit Types

The cost of each type of work visa in the UK changes. The primary visa types are:

Tier 1 Visa

Highly skilled workers and business owners are eligible for this visa. The principal applicant’s Tier 1 visa costs £1,330, and each dependent is charged an additional £1,330

Tier 2 visa

Skilled workers and internal transfers within companies are eligible for this visa. A Tier 2 visa costs £610 for the primary application; additional fees may apply if the applicant is high-income or qualifies for a shortage occupation and the length of the proposed stay. 

Tier 5 visa

Temporary employees, including those on youth mobility programmes and participating in government-approved exchange programmes, may apply for a Tier 5 visa. A Tier 5 visa will set you back £235 for the primary applicant and another £235 for each dependent. 

Several types of work visas, such as the Representative of an Overseas Firm visa and the Innovator visa, are available in addition to these basic categories. Depending on the kind of visa and period of stay, these permits cost different amounts. There can be additional fees related to the application process in addition to the cost of the work permit. They may consist of the following: 

  • Healthcare surcharge: Non-EEA nationals must pay this cost to use the UK’s National Health Service. The annual healthcare tax for adults is £624, and for minors, it is £470
  • Immigration Skills Charge: Employers who sponsor non-EEA workers under the Tier 2 immigration programme must pay this tax. For small or charitable enterprises, the immigration skills charge is £364 annually, while it is £1,000 for all other employers. 

The cost of a UK work permit varies depending on the kind of permission and the duration of the stay. The three main categories of work visas, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 5 cost between £235 and £1,330 for the primary applicant. There might be additional payments for the application procedure in addition to the cost of the work permit, including a healthcare surcharge or an immigration skills fee. 


As a citizen of the UK, must I pay the healthcare surcharge?

UK residents are exempt from the healthcare surcharge. 

Are there any savings for a work permit from the UK?

There are no price breaks available for a UK work permit. The UK government determines the fees which must be paid in full.

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