Students from outside the UK are required to have a student visa to enter the country. The length of time you are permitted to stay in the UK on a student visa can waiver depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of visa you hold and the length of your course. This post will describe the various forms of student visas, as well as any additional information you may require. 

What kinds of student visas exist? 

(General) Student Visa

If you intend to continue your education for more than six months, you should register for and receive a standard Student Visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 visa). The duration of your study programme and the type of educational institution you will be attending, either higher education or further education, will determine the length of time you are permitted to remain in the UK on this visa.

The duration of the course plus four additional months is the average length of stay for higher education students with a Student Visa. The average quantity of time you can take off when pursuing additional education is the length of your course plus one month. 

Visa for Short-Term Study

If you wish to enrol in a course lasting six months or less, you may qualify for a Short-term Study Visa. The amount of time you can stay in the UK on this visa depends on the duration of your course but is typically six months or less.

It is commonly used for short English Language or summer school programmes. Due to the inability to extend the visa in the UK, a Short-term Study Visa is typically not advised for pre-sessional courses. If your course lasts longer than six months, you must submit an application for a general student (formerly Tier 4) visa.

A Short-term study visa is priced at £200. You must include a payment for the healthcare surcharge with your online application. Typically, the price is £470. This permits the use of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. (Please note that management fees may be applicable.)


If you intend to bring intimate family members (such as a spouse, partner, or children) with you to the UK, they are permitted the same length of stay as you. Failing to comply with these regulations may result in the cancellation of your visa.

The length of time you are permitted to stay in the UK on a student visa will depend on the visa you have and the length of your programme. If you have been in school for more than six months, you are required to register for a (General) Student Visa. If you bring relatives to the UK, they will be permitted to remain for the same length of time as you.

Further Information

Please note in order to register for a Student Visa, you must be sponsored by a licenced student sponsor. Also required is a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your course provider. In addition, you must provide evidence of your English proficiency and sufficient funds to sustain yourself during your stay in the UK.

Please ensure that your visa application is submitted within the required timeframe. Six months prior to the beginning of your programme is the earliest you can register for a visa. Check the processing times for your country to ensure that your application is submitted with sufficient time for processing.

Violating your conditions

Remember to adhere to the terms of your visa, including any work restrictions, course attendance requirements, and reporting requirements. If you violate these terms, your visa may be cancelled, and you may be removed from the UK.

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