The IR-5 visa and the F-1 visa are the two primary parent visa categories. Parents of US citizens over 21 who can show proof of citizenship qualify for the IR-5 visa. The F-1 visa is for parents of international students who are enrolled in American universities and can show their child’s enrollment documentation. 
Choosing the right visa type and gathering all the required paperwork are the first steps in the process. A birth certificate, passport, police clearance certificate, medical examination, and evidence of financial support are frequently included. It is important to remember that the documentation needs could change based on the embassy or consulate handling the application. Therefore it is important to check the exact requirements in advance. 

The next step is to submit the application to the correct embassy or consulate after ensuring all the required paperwork is in order. Depending on the embassy or consulate, the type of visa, and the number of applications being processed at that time, the processing time for the application may change.

On its website, the US Department of State publishes projected processing timelines, providing applicants a sense of how long they should expect to wait. 

The embassy or consulate may ask for more information during processing or arrange a meeting with the applicant. To prevent process delays, responding to these requests quickly and providing all required data is important. 
Following the embassy or consulate approval of the application, the applicant can book travel to the USA and receive the visa. It is crucial to understand that obtaining a visa does not ensure access into the USA and that the immigration official at the port of entry has the final say on whether or not to grant entry. 

In conclusion, obtaining a parent visa for the United States can be difficult and requires careful preparation, documentation, and persistence. The type of visa, the embassy or consulate processing the application, and the number of applications being processed at that time are a few factors that might impact how long it takes to process the application. 

Short Version: Depending on the type of visa, the embassy or consulate processing the application, and the volume of applications being processed at that time, obtaining a parent visa for the United States can take anywhere from a few months to several years. It is critical to gather all the paperwork, reply quickly to information requests, and recognize that a visa fails to ensure entry into the United States. 

FAQ: What kinds of parent visas are available in the United States?
The IR-5 visa for parents of US citizens and the F-1 visa for parents of international students enrolling in the US are the two basic types of parent visas.

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