Visa rejections for Romanians seeking B1/B2 visas (business and tourism) have hit a record low: a mere 8.79% in fiscal year 2023. This historic drop, announced by the Romanian Embassy in the US, represents a remarkable achievement and fuels optimism for Romania’s imminent inclusion in the coveted Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

A Steady Decline:

This isn’t a one-time fluke. Romania has seen a consistent downward trend in visa rejections over the past three years, with a staggering 3.82% decrease compared to 2022 alone. This impressive progress puts Romania ahead of its EU counterparts – Bulgaria even saw an increase in rejections – further highlighting the country’s commitment to meeting VWP requirements.

Ambassador Optimistic:

Romania’s Ambassador to the US, Andrei Muraru, is understandably excited. He acknowledges the journey is far from over, but emphasizes the “real political intention” to welcome Romania into the VWP fold. Both governments are actively working towards meeting all the necessary criteria, with a hopeful target of seeing Romania join the program in 2025.

Prime Minister Ciolacu:

Adding to the excitement, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu even predicted an announcement for Romania’s VWP entry during his US visit last December. While he set a more cautious deadline of 2025, the downward trend in rejections suggests the wait could be even shorter.

What This Means for You:

Increased travel opportunities: A VWP would eliminate the need for Romanian citizens to apply for a US visa for short business or leisure trips, dramatically simplifying the travel process.

Boosted tourism and business: Easier travel will likely lead to increased tourism and business exchanges between Romania and the US, benefiting both economies.

Closer ties: The VWP signifies a strengthening relationship between the two nations, fostering deeper cultural and economic connections.

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