The announcement was made after the German Bundestag on September 8 accepted a proposal from the Ministry of Health mandating the implementation of additional COVID measures.

The new regulation approved by the Bundestag will go into effect on October 1 and remain in effect until April 7, 2023.

The new package of measures is intended to safeguard and prepare Germany for further spreading the COVID pandemic as the country advances into autumn and winter.

On long-distance trains in Germany, all passengers older than 14 will be obliged to wear an FFP2 mask beginning on October 1. On long-distance trains, children between the ages of six and thirteen will also be forced to wear a face mask. However, they do not need to wear an FFP2 mask because a surgical face mask will suffice.

On long-distance trains, masks will be required, although this is not the case for aeroplanes and airports. On domestic and international flights, passengers will not be obliged to wear a face mask. However, it has been suggested that this guideline could alter if the number of COVID-19 infections rises.

I Am Expat notes further that, beginning October 1, hospitals and senior homes will also be subject to stricter Coronavirus regulations. As soon as the new regulations take effect, all personnel and visitors of hospitals and nursing homes will be required to wear an FFP2 mask. Additionally, visitors will be required to submit a quick negative test, while employees will be required to test three times each week.

The regulations mentioned above will be implemented on a national scale, and the federal states will be able to enact additional regulations based on the local COVID situation.

Individual states will be permitted to implement mask regulations in public transportation, other indoor public spaces, including secondary schools. In addition, they will be able to administer testing in schools and childcare facilities.

It has been emphasized that exemptions can consistently be implemented if a state makes masks mandatory in various public spaces and activities. People who can provide evidence of a recent negative test, a recent infection or a COVID vaccination administered within the past three months may not be obliged to wear a face mask.

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