After a productive first high-level meeting since the pandemic, China and Switzerland are streamlining travel and boosting trade ties. Allowing for visa-free adventures and closer economic collaborations!

Green Light for Swiss Globetrotters:

Starting from 2024, Swiss citizens can ditch the paperwork and explore China visa-free for up to 15 days! This unilateral policy opens doors for cultural exchanges, short business trips, and impromptu adventure sprees. Think stunning mountain landscapes, bustling megacities, and culinary delights, all within reach without the visa hassle.

Trade Ties Take Flight:

The two countries are fast-tracking talks to upgrade their existing free trade agreement, paving the way for smoother business exchanges and economic growth. This translates to more opportunities for Swiss brands and companies in the massive Chinese market, and vice versa. Think increased exports, expanded partnerships, and a win-win situation for both economies.

Mutual Respect, Shared Goals:

Beyond visas and trade, the meeting reaffirmed the deep and multifaceted relationship between China and Switzerland. Discussions covered development cooperation, human rights, and even UN Security Council affairs, showcasing a commitment to collaboration on global issues.

A Davos Rendezvous:

Premier Li Qiang and President Amherd’s productive talks set the stage for further engagement. Both leaders are set to continue their discussions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in navigating today’s complex world.

What This Means for You:

  • Swiss travelers: Start planning your visa-free China adventure! From exploring ancient temples to sipping tea in charming teahouses, China’s rich history and vibrant culture await.
  • Business professionals: Keep an eye out for new trade opportunities as the upgraded free trade agreement takes shape. Increased access to the Chinese market could be a game-changer for Swiss companies.
  • Global citizens: This strengthened partnership between China and Switzerland bodes well for international cooperation and dialogue on pressing global issues.

We’ll keep you informed about the latest developments and help you navigate the application process with ease.

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