If you want to move to the USA but are still determining if your family can sponsor you, this post will educate you on everything you need to know about before moving to the US, and who can sponsor you if you do so. 

How To Get Sponsored By Family

A petition must be submitted on your behalf if a US citizen or LPR relative is prepared to sponsor you. The qualifying relationship between you and your sponsor is established by this petition.

Additionally, there are eligibility conditions you must complete to be eligible for family-based immigration. You must not, for instance, be barred from entering the USA due to a criminal record or health conditions. You also need to have a spotless immigration history free of any prior offenses or overstays.

You must apply for a green card through either consular processing or adjustment of status (if you are currently in the United States) after your petition is accepted. (if you are outside the USA). Depending on your particular circumstances, this process could take a few months to a year or longer.

Criteria To Sponsor

It’s also important to remember that your sponsor must prove they can support you financially by meeting many criteria. They must submit an affidavit of support, which is a legally binding promise to provide for them financially until they can support themselves or become a United States citizen. This stipulation guarantees that you won’t become a burden on society and won’t demand support from the government.

  • Working with a skilled immigration attorney is important because the family-based immigration procedure can be difficult.
  • If you have qualifications or training that are in demand in the USA, you can be qualified for additional visa types, such as employment-based visas.
  • To decide your best possibilities for immigration, it’s important to examine and comprehend the US’s immigration laws and practices.

It’s important to remember that every circumstance is different and that other elements can influence your eligibility for a green card.


Can a member of my family sponsor me for a green card?

No, family-based immigration only applies to certain qualifying relationships with US citizens or LPRs.

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