This depends on the visa that you hold. If you are undertaking business activities with a Standard Visitor Visa, you cannot undertake any paid form of work. In addition to setting up or running a business as a self-employed person, the standard visitor visa also prohibits several other things. Amongst them are the following:

  • Getting a job in the UK
  • Working for a company or organisation in the UK

However if you come to the UK on a business visa, while you are unable to work for an employer in the UK, you would be allowed to work for your business. However you cannot do paid or unpaid work for a UK company or as a self-employed person as a visitor.

If you plan to move to the UK to set up a business, you must apply for a UK business visa beforehand. If you aren’t a permanent resident of the UK, you must obtain a visa before entering the country, whether for business or tourism. If you fail to get a visa, authorities could deny your business proposal, deport you, and you might even lose your business. Once you obtain a UK business visa, you can participate in other activities like conferences and negotiations.

What is permitted on a UK Business Visa?

Visitors may travel to the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa for up to 6 months. You may visit the UK to undertake business activities such as:

  • Attend interviews
  • Meetings
  • Conferences 
  • Seminars
  • Sign deals and contracts

Tips for working in the UK on a Business Visa

Start Early: To prevent potential delays, you should prepare your application for a UK business visa as soon as possible, with all the details of your business plan. In doing this, you show the British embassy you are prepared for your UK business meetings and prepared to start your business. 

Carefully read instructions: Ensure you have educated yourself on all relevant information the UK government provides before your UK business visa meeting. This will help you ensure your application is detailed and accurate and understand the rules and regulations surrounding starting a business in the UK. It will also ensure you have done any relevant research required beforehand.

Provide Detailed Support: Be as specific as possible when explaining your financial stability and business plan. This will increase your chances of success. A good business pitch is always ideal.

People also asked..

How much money do I need for an Innovator Visa?

In addition to the Visa fees which should be roughly £1270 per person you must have at least £50,000  in investment funds to apply for an innovator visa.

Am I allowed to collect my salary while in the UK for business on a Standard Visitor Visa?

While you aren’t allowed to be paid for any business undertaken in the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa, if you have a regular salary from your company paid out in the country you are visiting from, you are allowed to collect your salary.

Can a non UK citizen start a business in the UK?

Yes, a non-resident can form a UK company as you are not required to be a UK resident to register a limited company with Companies House. The only thing you need to register a UK company is a UK-registered office address.

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