First, realizing there is no one-size-fits-all solution for relocating parents permanently to the United States is important. The procedure will depend on many factors, including your own immigration status and whether you are a US resident or a holder of a green card, and the age, health, and financial circumstances of your parents. 

You have a few options if you want to permanently bring your parents to the US and are a US citizen. One choice is to apply for a green card on your parents’ behalf. To begin this process, you must submit a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with documentation of your parental relationship and proof that you can financially assist your parents. Your parents could apply for a green card and eventually become citizens of the USA if your petition is granted. 

If your parents are lawfully present in the country on a temporary visa, you can also apply for a change of status to a green card. Compared to sponsoring your parents from abroad, this procedure might be quicker. It still requires proving your connection and financial support and meeting certain qualifying requirements. 

Bringing your parents to the US permanently is more complicated if you have a green card. Green card holders cannot apply for a green card on behalf of their parents. They might still be able to apply for a family preference visa. However, there are yearly limits on the number of family preference visas that can be issued, and the wait times for these visas can be long. 

Regardless of your decision, moving your parents permanently to the United States may take several months or years. Many requirements, including finances, physical examinations, and background checks, must be met. It’s imorpotant to be ready for a lengthy and often difficult process. Nonetheless, the benefits of living close to their parents outweigh the drawbacks for many people.  

To conclude what we have just gone over, permanently relocating parents to the States is difficult. You may meet the eligibility requirements and prepare for a lengthy process. Please don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions if you have any. In any way I can, I’ll be happy to help.  

Short version: Depending on your situation, various visa choices are available, but you must also satisfy many eligibility requirements, including financial and physical ones. 

FAQ: If my parents are ill, can I permanently bring them to the United States? 

The illness depends on whether a medical condition stops someone from applying for a visa or green card. Imagine your parents have tuberculosis or another contagious illness. In that situation, they might only be qualified for a visa once the illness has been treated. Some medical issues may require a waiver, which can be difficult to obtain. The best action for your situation should be determined in consultation with a medical expert and an immigration attorney.


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