Eritrea Visa

Eritrea Visa

Do you need a visa to visit Eritrea? Find your nearest Eritrea Embassy.

Our Eritrea Visa Guide will teach you everything you need to know about Eritrea ‘s visa policy for people from all over the world, including different types of visas, particular requirements, visa sponsorships, visa fees, and more. It is critical to have a scheduled flight ticket in hand before applying for a visa to Eritrea .

Who needs a visa to visit Eritrea?

There are a variety of choices for travellers seeking entry into the United States. Only the nationals of one country are permitted to enter Eritrea without a visa. Citizens of two nations may apply for a Visa on Arrival and receive their visa at Eritrea’s port of entry.

Citizens of all other nations must apply for an Eritrea Tourist Visa in order to visit and stay in the country for a short amount of time. The closest Eritrea embassy must be visited in order to obtain an Eritrea Tourist Visa. Ugandan citizens are the only Country who may enter without a visa.

For more information on visas to Eritrea, you can visit their Embassy page.

Entry into Eritrea

All entrants must produce a negative PCR test that is no more than 72 hours old.
All tourists will have a quick COVID-19 antigen test upon arrival.
A test will be administered at the conclusion of the quarantine period. Eritrea has restored several foreign flights, but there are still few ways to exit the country. Among the airlines operating flights are Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, and TARCO.

To depart the Asmara region, all foreign nationals, including diplomats, must request in advance for a travel permission.

The Eritrean government has lifted the prohibition on internal movement, but checkpoints remain between major cities. Transport, both public and private, is currently running properly.

The lifting of the lockdown has resulted in the reopening of hotels, shops, and marketplaces. However, nightclubs and movie theatres are still closed.

Eligibility to apply for an Eritrea visa

The criteria to apply for a Eritrea visa is simple and straight forward. You must ensure you have all the correct and relevant documentation before travelling, and before applying for your visa. Please note is it important you acquire the correct visa for you type of stay. The criteria is listed below.

You must have a valid passport.

Passport photographs.

Accommodation details.

Bank statements proving sufficient funds.

Travel itinerary.

Flight tickets.

Travel insurance.

Processing time for Eritrea visas

Please be advised that visa processing time may take up to four weeks and visa validity is 90 days from the date of Issue. Tourist Visa allows only one month of stay from the day of arrival to Eritrea.  Visa Extension is available at the Immigration Office in Asmara.

Appointment waiting times

Appointment waiting times can differ depending on your individual circumstances. It is advised to apply for your visa appointment well in advance to ensure you have enough time before you are due to travel. Appointment waiting times for a student visa is approximately 21 days from the initial application process. Visitor visas and all non other immigrant visas also take around 21 days.

Who can visit Eritrea without a visa?

The only Country in the world that can visit Eritrea without a visa is Uganda. Every other Country must ensure they have a valid visa and passport before travelling. Failure to present these documents will result in your application being denied.

For detailed information on specific parts of the general visa process, you can refer to the links below to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

Eritrea visa types

There are eight different types of visas available in Eritrea. Each visa is for a different purpose of stay, it is important to ensure you have applied for the correct visa before you begin your travels. The eight types of visas available are:

  • Visa on Arrival.
  • Tourist Visa.
  • Business Visa.
  • Study Visa.
  • Employment Visa.
  • Official Visa.
  • Family Visit Visa.
  • Transit Visa.

What to do if your Eritrea visa is refused?

At the conclusion of your interview for an immigrant visa, the consular official will either approve or deny your visa application.

After the visa applicant’s interview with the consular officer, certain visa applications require additional administrative processing, which takes additional time. Applicants are informed of this criterion at the time of application. The majority of administrative procedures are completed within sixty days of the visa interview. When administrative processing is necessary, the timing will vary depending on the specifics of each instance. You have the right to contest this verdict. The embassy of the Member State that decided to deny the visa distributes a standard form to notify the applicant of the decision to deny an Eritrea visa and the reasons for the refusal.

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