Australia Visa

Australia Visa

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Important Travel Information – Please Read

Whether youre visiting Australia for tourism, business, job, study, or to see a family member, the type of visa you apply for is determined by the reason of your visit. Many countries passport holders can simply obtain a visa online, while others may need to submit a paper application at an Embassy or Consulate.

The Visitor visa permits you to travel to Australia for leisure or business. It is available to people of any nationality. In most cases, a stay of up to three months is permitted, but in exceptional circumstances, a stay of up to 12 months may be permitted.

What Is an Australian Visa?

An Australian visa is a document that authorises you to visit Australia for a specific amount of time. Unlike most other countries, Australia does not stamp or label your passport with visa stamps or labels. Instead, your visa rights are stored electronically on an internet database, and an immigration officer will check the database to see if you have a visa when you arrive in Australia.

How can I apply for an Australian visa?

Depending on your nationality, you can apply for an Australian visa online or at an Australian Embassy or Consulate:

  • The eVisitor is obtained through the online service of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is obtained through the Australian Department of Home Affairs official ETA webpage.
  • You can apply for an Australian visa online or at an embassy or consulate in person.

New Zealanders and the Australia Visa Policy

Everyone except New Zealanders (who can acquire a visa on arrival) must apply for a visa or authorisation before travelling to Australia. Citizens of New Zealand are not need to apply for a visa to visit, conduct business, study, work, or live in Australia. You are qualified for a Special Category Visa (subclass 444) as a New Zealander, which you can obtain upon arrival.

If you have lived in Australia for five years and meet all other requirements, such as income and health and security checks, you are entitled to apply for permanent residency. However, because the SCV has no maximum time, you can stay in Australia with simply a SCV.

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