Angola Visa

Angola Visa

Do you need a visa to visit Angola?

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Applicants must complete the Angola online application form, apply for an Angola online pre-visa, receive pre-visa approval, print it off and bring a copy with them, and then obtain a final visa upon arrival at the ports of entry.

Angola Visa Highlights

  • Allows for up to 30 days of stay.
  • Visits by tourists and businesspeople are permitted.
  • From the date of issue, the voucher is valid for 60 days.
  • Multiple entries or a single entry

Information on e-Visas for Angola

In March 2018, Angola implemented an electronic visa system, or e-Visa. Foreign nationals from selected countries can apply for an Angola visa online in order to visit the country in southern Africa.

  • The e-Visa allows visitors to enter the Republic of Angola for tourism, pleasure, or business.
  • An online visa can be used for a single trip to Angola or many trips.
  • Angola e-Visa holders are allowed to stay in the nation for up to 30 days.
  • Angolas e-Visa can be used to enter the nation at any time within 60 days of its issue date, after which it will expire.
  • Passengers must fill out an online application form with basic personal information, passport information, and contact information.
  • Following the submission of the Angola visa online application, the approved e-Visa is sent to the applicants specified email address within a few business days.
  • Angolas e-Visas are issued by the countrys Migration and Foreigners Service, or SME, which is the government agency in charge of visas.
  • Foreign nationals are not permitted to live or work in Angola, including in any paid capacity, under the e-Visa.
  • Foreign nationals should contact their nearest Angola embassy or consulate to acquire permission to relocate and/or work in the country.

Requirements for obtaining an e-Visa in Angola

  • Foreign visitors who want to apply for an e-Visa in Angola must meet the countrys visa requirements.
  • Applicants must have a passport issued by a qualifying nation in order to be awarded an Angola e-Visa.
  • To complete the online application criteria for the Angola e-Visa, the following items must also be provided:
  • A digital scan of the travelers passport, which must be valid for at least one year and have at least four blank visa pages.
  • Photograph in the manner of a passport on a white backdrop (width: 381-571 pixels; height: 496-744 pixels)
  • Vaccination certificate from around the world
  • Accommodation proof
  • A bank statement, for example, can serve as proof of funds.
  • Reservations for a return or onward flight must be shown as proof.
  • The traveller must also give an active email address and a method of payment for the cost in order to acquire the approved e-Visa for Angola.
  • After receiving the Angola e-Visa, the tourist must print it and bring it with them to their destination. At border control, it must be shown with the individuals passport.
  • To enter Angola, the passport used in the online application must be utilised.
  • If a travelers passport is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered invalid before to departure, they should apply for a new Angola e-Visa.

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