Everything you need to know about us and how our services work.

There are several ways to get in contact with us. If you are wishing to simply get information from us over the phone or email, you can use the details at the top of each page. Aside from this, you can visit the ‘Contact Us’ page which will invite you to provide us with a few details if you’re interested in getting the ball rolling with an application, and we will shortly thereafter get in touch with you. There is even an option for this at the bottom of most pages.

If your visa is denied, one of our advisors will contact you and we will work together to come up with a solution. Most visas have an appeal process so you can ‘re-apply’ and gain approval.

The appeal process is not applicable to all visas, but you can discuss this with our advisors at this point.

The application process is different for each different visa. Some applications can be done directly online, others involve going to an appointment with the embassy. The time it takes to apply can range from days to months. You should sort out your visa requirements well in advance of your trip. This is why we say it is always best to contact as soon as possible from the point you know that you wish to make your journey.

You can find more specific details for the visa you want by going to the appropriate page for that visa or by contacting us directly. See our services.

The cost varies significantly depending on the visa you need to apply for. We have a thorough knowledge of the relevant costs involved in each process as well as the length of time and manner in which to pay.

VISAs can last for anywhere from a few short months to 10 years. It all depends on what you’re looking to do and where you’re looking to go.

The factors for being allowed/denied a visa vary per visa, but usually there as similar discriminatory factors. Things like country or origin or nationalities as well as criminal convictions or arrests are common reasons for denial. Even in these circumstances, however, there are usually options and rarely will you not be able to travel to your destination of choice.

Visa-Applications.org is not affiliated with any government body. We work with SRA registered solicitors and partners who will help ensure your visa application is managed professionally.

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