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Slovenia Schengen

Slovenia Schengen Visa Applications
For short stays of up to 90 days in Slovenia.

Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

A Slovenia Schengen is required for short trips of up to 90 days in duration to Slovenia. Individuals are permitted to remain in Slovenia for no more than 90 days within a 180-day term, commencing on the day of their first entrance. Non-EU nationals need a Schengen visa to enter the country (acquired with a valid travel document).

We recommend that you submit your application as soon as feasible. This guarantees that your Slovenia Schengen visa gets approved in time for your travel. Please note that you will not be permitted to board an aircraft without a valid visa.

Slovenia Visa Options

You may select from the following while applying:

If you are a non-EU citizen wishing to visit Slovenia, you may begin the application process by clicking below and filling out our form:

What is a Slovenian Schengen Visa?

A Slovenian Schengen Visa is an official document for travel. It permits a person to travel to any Schengen area nation. For stays up to ninety days for tourism or business.

The Schengen region includes 26 European nations. Both have formally eliminated passport requirements at their shared borders. The region primarily functions as a single authority for foreign travel, with a uniform visa policy.

Before entering Europe, nationals of countries that have not yet achieved a liberalisation agreement must get this travel authorisation.

Required Documentation Slovenia Schengen Visas

The following standard set of supporting documents is required for all applications:

Application form; printed and signed

Valid passport

Hotel reservations / confirmed accomodation

Flight tickets / itinerary

Proof of sufficient financial means

Employment details

Travel medical insurance

Slovenia Schengen Process

After completing the online form and submitting your information, your data will be evaluated and your application will be processed. First, any errors or unclear information will be explained or fixed to ensure that there are no problems with visa applications.

To submit your application, you must arrange an appointment, but first we will verify availability and advise you appropriately. You must collect a variety of essential documents to demonstrate that you have adequate funds to maintain yourself, as well as proof of your lodging and travel to the nation.

Entering Slovenia

Due to the fact that interview wait times vary by location, season, and visa type, you should submit any Visa Applications without delay. Examine the appointment wait time at the application location.

A Slovenia Schengen visa allows a foreign national to present themselves at a Schengen port of entry (often an airport) and seek permission to enter the country. We can ensure that Visa Applications go smoothly, however, entrance to the Schengen zone is not guaranteed by an approved visa.

Slovenia Schengen Appointments

You must attend an appointement to submit your application along with the supporting documents listed above.

During the interview you will give biometric fingerprints and be asked some questions about your travel.

The agent working on your case will ensure you book your appointment in the correct location at the relevant visa office.

For detailed information on specific parts of the Slovenia Schengen visa process, you can refer to the links below to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any particular information, please contact us via email.

For detailed information on specific parts of the EU visa process, you can refer to the links below to find the answer to your query. If you are unable to find any detailed information, please contact us via email.

Schengen Member States

A Slovenia Schengen Visa is required for any third national wishing to enter Slovenia or any other Schengen country. It could be a short-stay Schengen C-visa for stays of up to 90 days or a national D-visa / residence permit for longer stays in the country.

Schengen visas are used by business travellers, tourists, professionals with specialised skills, and students who want to remain in Slovenia for a short period of time for specified travel objectives. Applicants for a Schengen visa are required to demonstrate to the Visa Applications Centre that they plan to depart the Schengen zone at the conclusion of their short stay.

When you submit an application, it will undergo a comprehensive eight-point review to guarantee that there will be no problems with your authorisation. It may take up to 72 hours to organise your consultation call with the attorney, but you will be kept informed from the moment you submit your application.

All updates will be forwarded to the email address shown in your application, and our phone lines are available from 9am to 5pm (GMT+0) if you have any questions.

People Also Asked...

This depends on a number of things such as whether or not you have had a Schengen visa in the past or how many countries you intend to visit. Generally you first Schengen visa will be issued for the duration of your stay. Future applications may be granted for multiple entry for a number of years.

There are 26 Schengen members states in Europe. You can see the full list of countries in the Schengen zone in the table on this page.

You can expect an update on your application within 3 days of submission. You can choose express processing at checkout for a response within 24 hours.

Once you attend your appointment, your visa can take up to 15 working days to be processed by the Embassy.

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