Malta Schengen

Malta Schengen

Malta Schengen Visa Applications.
For short stays of up to 90 days in Malta.

Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

If you desire to get a Malta Schengen visa, you will be delighted to learn that the Malta embassies have reopened and are already processing visa applications.

We recommend applying as soon as possible to guarantee that your visa for Malta is issued in time for your vacation. Appointment waiting times can be as long as 8-12 weeks in some cases. You will not be permitted to board your aircraft without a valid visa.

Malta Schengen C-Visas

A Schengen Visa is an official document for travel. It permits a person to travel to any Schengen Area nation. For stays up to ninety days for tourism or business.

The Schengen region includes 26 European nations. The region primarily functions as a single authority for foreign travel, with a uniform visa policy.

Before entering Europe, nationals of some countries that have not yet concluded a liberalisation agreement will be required to get this travel authorisation.

Please choose one of the options below when applying for a Malta Schengen:

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Double Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Malta National D-Visas

You must apply for a residency permit or national D-Visa, rather than a Malta Schengen Visa if you plan to stay in Malta for more than 90 days.

Your long-stay visa must be for a period of three months to one year, regardless of the length of your anticipated stay. You must apply for a residence permit at a prefecture in order to prolong your stay beyond the duration of your visa.

The long-stay visa is comparable to a Schengen visa throughout its validity term, allowing you to travel and remain in the Schengen area outside of Malta for up to 90 days in any 180-day period, under the same circumstances as if you had a Schengen visa.

If you are a citizen of a country that can visit the Schengen zone without a visa, then you may travel visa-free and apply for your national visa / residence permit from within the country you wish to stay in long-term.

Schengen Member Countries (Malta)

The Schengen area is a zone in which 26 European countries, including Malta, have abolished their internal borders to permit free and unrestricted movement of people, while adhering to common rules for controlling external borders and combating criminality by strengthening the common judicial system and police cooperation.

With the exception of Ireland and the nations that will shortly become part of Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus, the Schengen Area includes the vast majority of EU member states. Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein are all members of the Schengen zone despite not being EU members.

Malta Schengen Visa Purposes

Tourism is one of the most well-known motivations for entering the Schengen zone. However, you may claim a variety of reasons for your journey on your application, including:

Those who want to visit relatives or friends who are authorised residents of the Schengen area.

Many people often travel to and from the Schengen states for business purposes.

Medical grounds – For medical treatment in any of the Schengen member nations.

Students and learners who want to attend any educational institution for fewer than three months, including university courses, language courses, and other courses.

Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews – a visa designed for non-Schengen residents who want to go to Europe for a Cultural, Sports, or Religious Event, in addition to Film Crews.

Malta Schengen Process

After completing the online form and submitting your information, your data will be evaluated and your application will be processed. First, any errors or unclear information will be explained or changed to ensure that there are no problems with your application.

To submit your application, you must arrange an appointment, but first we will verify availability and advise you appropriately. You must compile a variety of essential documents to demonstrate that you have the funds to maintain yourself, as well as proof of your accommodation and travel to the nation.

Entering Malta

You should apply for your visa as soon as possible since interview wait times vary by location, season, and visa type. Examine the wait time for an appointment at the location where you want to apply.

A Malta Schengen visa allows a foreign national to seek permission to enter a Schengen country at a Schengen point of entry (often an airport). We can secure the easy processing of your visa application, but a visa approval does not guarantee entry into the Schengen zone.

Other EU Visa Types

A Visa is required for any third national wishing to enter Malta or any other Schengen country. It could be a short-stay Schengen C-visa for stays of up to 90 days or a national D-visa / residence permit for longer stays in the country.

Schengen visas are used by businesspeople, tourists, specialised employees, and students who want to travel to Malta for a brief period of time. Applicants seeking a Schengen visa must demonstrate to the Visa Application Centre that they will depart the Schengen Zone at the conclusion of their temporary stay.

When you submit an application, it will undergo a comprehensive eight-point review to guarantee that there will be no problems with your authorisation. It may take up to 72 hours to organise your consultation call with the attorney, but you will be kept informed from the moment you submit your application.

All updates will be forwarded to the email address shown in your application, and our phone lines are available from 9am to 5pm (GMT+0) if you have any questions. We can secure the smooth processing of your visa application, however entry into the Schengen zone is not guaranteed by approved Visa Applications.