Afghanistan Visa

Afghanistan Visa

Do you need a visa to visit Afghanistan?

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All foreign citizens intending to visit Afghanistan for tourism or to visit friends and relatives are granted tourist visas. Tourist visas are good for three months and can only be used once. Stay in Afghanistan for 30 days during the validity period.

You can read more on the Afghanistan Embassy website.

Afghanistan Visa Passport Tourist Application Requirements

  • You must present your real signed passport, as well as a copy of your passports personal information page. You must have a passport that is valid for the following six months.
  • At least two blank visa papers should be placed side by side.
  • It must not be frayed, torn, separated, or otherwise altered in any manner.

Afghanistan Visa Photographs

You must submit one passport-style colour photograph that fits the following requirements:

  • Photographs must have been taken within the last three months and printed on high-quality photographic paper.
  • Be photographed against a white background.
  • Size should be two inches by two inches.
  • Give a full frontal image of your head, with your face centred in the centre and a neutral (non-smiling) expression.
  • Except for religious reasons, you may not wear eyeglasses or hats.
  • Your photo should not be taped or stapled to your application, and it should not show any adhesive tape or staples.

Requirements for Afghanistan Visa

One fully completed copy of the visa application form included in this kit is required. The application form must include the following information:

  • Become typed
  • Answers to all fields should be included.
  • Please use your entire name as it appears on your passport.
  • Be a signatory
  • It should be notarized

Those who have previously held an Afghan visa

Previous Afghan visa holders will be granted a visa at a reduced consular charge. You must produce a notarized photocopy of your previous visa to qualify for the reduced consular charge. You will be charged the usual consular fee if you do not produce a copy of your previous Afghan visa.

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